Edirol PCR-30 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Roland Updated: 2009-02-12 RSS
Edirol PCR-30 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Edirol PCR-30 keyboard — the most advanced 32-key MIDI keyboard controller available. Never before has there been a better compact keyboard for use with popular sequencers and software synthesizers. The PCR-30 takes MIDI control to a new level with unprecedented versatility.

* 32 full-sized, velocity sensitive keys
* 8 assignable rotary knobs (cut off, resonance, pan, tempo, etc.)
* 8 assignable faders (volume, EFX send, etc.)
* 9 assignable buttons (program change, track mute, start, stop, etc.)
* 1 sustain pedal connection
* 1 expression pedal connection
* MIDI in & MIDI out Pitch & Modulation controls (Newly redesigned to be linearly controlled for more accurate performance)
* 1 Preset Memory & 15 User Memory locations USB Bus powered or AC adaptor
* Template sheets for controls
* The PCR-30 can control a number of parameters not accessible from other controller keyboards at this price point; such as RPN, NRPN, SysEx.