Edirol PCR-80 MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Edirol PCR-80 MIDI Keyboard Controller

PCR-80/50/30 offers a wide variety of functionality through 34 individual controls on the keyboard. 27 of the 34 controls can be assigned to control any MIDI message. The PCR-Editor allows you to save as many different control maps as you like & share different control configurations with other PCR users. Optionally, you can generate a list of parameters assigned to each control as an option from the PCR-Editor menu. The PCR has extensive MIDI routing capabilities. You can independently assign any of the 27 controls to different messages, different channels, & even choose whether a message is sent through USB, through the MIDI out jack, or both. The PCR can control sequencers, software synthesizers, hardware modules, or any peripheral designed to respond to MIDI messages. The assignable nature of the PCR makes it ideal for any software MIDI applications because no direct support is required on behalf of the software. This allows the PCR to remain a powerful part of your home studio regardless of the MIDI application you choose or version you run.

61 standard-sized keys with pro-quality velocity sensitivity

Full assignable 8 x knob, 8 x Slider, 9 x Switch, 2 x Pedal assigned via buttons or PCR-Editor

Multiple MIDI functions through note keys, Octave-shift & MIDI Select, Pitch & Modulation controls

Built-in USB MIDI interface plus standard MIDI In/Out

USB Bus powered. And AC Adaptor included for additional power support.


* 27 assignable controls
* Versatile Programmability
* The Best Quality Key Action
* Preinstalled and downloadable Control Maps
* Transpose function
* Expression pedal
* Integrated 1x1 MIDI interface
* Powerful Software Editor
* V-Link support