Edirol PCR-A30 MIDI Keyboard Controller

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Edirol PCR-A30 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The PCR-A30 is well-suited to a variety of applications. It offers a wealth of options for performance & studio situations. It effectually removes the need to connect multiple music devices to your computer. It offers more features than any other USB bus-powered controller. The most impressive aspect of the PCR-A30 is that it can draw power directly from the USB port to run both the built-in 24-bit/96kHz audio interface & the MIDI controller, making it the most portable combo audio & controller device available.

Up to 24-bit/96kHz USB Audio interface plus small-sized full-range monitor speakers
32 standard-sized keys with pro-quality velocity sensitivity
Full assignable 8 x knob, 8 x Slider, 9 x Switch, 2 x Pedal assigned via buttons or PCR-Editor
Supports both advanced (WDM/ASIO2) and OS-Standard drivers
2 x 1/4" phono in, Headphone jack & volume, S/P DIF optical out, RCA pin (L/R) out, MIDI IN/OUT
Multiple MIDI functions through note keys, Octave-shift & MIDI Select, Pitch & Modulation controls
USB Bus powered. And AC Adaptor included for additional power support.


Number of Audio Record/Playback (Full duplex (except for 96 kHz setting))
Record: 1 pair of stereo
Playback: 1 pair of stereo

Signal Processing
AD/DA Conversion: 24 bits
PC interface: 24 bits
Sampling Frequency: 44.1/48/96 kHz
Nominal Input Level (variable): -45– -10 dBu

Input Impedance
LINE: 27 k ohms
GUITAR: 680 k ohms
MIC: 27 k ohms
Nominal Output Level: 0 dBu
Output Impedance: 1 k ohms
Residual Noise Level: 80 dBu or less: (Input terminated with 1 k ohms, INPUT GAIN: LINE, INPUT LEVEL: MIN, INPUT MONITOR: OFF, MASTER VOLUME: MAX, IHF-A, typ.)

Input Jacks (L/MONO, R) (1/4 inch phone type)
Output Jacks (L, R) (RCA phono type)
Digital Output Connector (Optical type)
Headphones Jack (1/4 inch stereo phones type)
Hold Pedal Jack (1/4 inch phone type)
Expression Pedal Jack (1/4 inch phone type)
MIDI Connectors (IN, OUT)

32 Keys (with velocity)

Master Volume Knob
Input volume
Memory Button
MIDI Channel Button
Program Change Button
Edit Button
V-LINK Button
Octave Shift Buttons (+/-)
Transpose Button
Assignable Button (B1–6, L1–3)
Pitch Bend/Modulation Lever
Assignable Rotary Volume Kbobs (R1–8)
Assignable Sliders (S1–8)
Assignable Pedals (P1, P2)