M-Audio ProKeys 88 Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano

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M-Audio ProKeys 88 Hammer-Action Premium Stage Piano

The ProKeys 88 is the premium digital stage piano that doubles as a great MIDI controller. It's loaded with large, realistic samples—14 world-class instruments in all, including split/layer capabilities. We paired those great sounds with an 88-key hammer-action keyboard, delivering a realistic feel to satisfy the most demanding pro. The ProKeys 88 is also a great master controller keyboard, including a built-in USB MIDI interface for easy direct connection to your PC or Mac, MIDI In and Out jacks to communicate with other MIDI gear, pitch and modulation wheels, sequencer controls and more. ProKeys 88 pulls out all the stops in creating the ultimate playing experience in an affordable digital stage piano.


88-key hammer-action keyboard
stunning stereo grand piano samples with 3 velocity layers
large 64MB sound bank with masterfully tweaked samples of 14 world-class instruments:
• Piano1: stereo grand piano based on Yamaha C7
• Piano2: bright grand piano
• E Piano1: electric piano based on Fender Rhodes
• E Piano2: electric piano based on Wurlitzer
• FM Piano1: bright, classic electric piano based on Yamaha DX7
• FM Piano2: warm, classic electric piano based on Yamaha DX7
• Clav: instrument sound based on Hohner Clavinet D6
• Vibes: vibes with hybrid mallets
• Organ1: percussion organ based on Hammond B3
• Organ2: rock organ based on Hammond B3
• A Bass: acoustic upright bass**
• E Bass: fingered electric bass (including harmonics)
• Strings: orchestral strings
• Warm Pad: warm, lush synth pad
126-note polyphony
single, split and layer modes
pitch and modulation wheels
sustain, sostenuto and expression pedal inputs (SP-2 sustain pedal
3 reverb spaces plus chorus and tremolo
dedicated button to instantly recall single-layer stereo grand piano
2-stage equalizer to easily optimize tone
12-key data entry pad with 3-digit LED screen
dedicated volume faders for master, layer and split
3 velocity curves plus fixed velocity to optimize feel
self-demo mode
+/- octave transpose keys
built-in USB MIDI interface
MIDI In/Out jacks to interface with external MIDI gear
dedicated remote MIDI controller buttons including:
• MIDI Clock Stop/Start
• Tempo control for MIDI Clock including tap tempo feature
• Program Change
• Channel
• Bank LSB
• Bank MSB
• Local On/Off
General MIDI-compliant
stereo out (1/4" unbalanced)
stereo headphone out (1/4" TRS)
class-compliant drivers for Windows XP and Mac OS X
includes power supply