M-Audio ProKeys 88sx Lightweight Stage Piano

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M-Audio ProKeys 88sx Lightweight Stage Piano

At just 17lbs, the ProKeys 88sx digital stage piano delivers excellent sound in a package so light that you can carry it under one arm. Its must-have complement of instruments—grand piano, electric pianos, organ and clav—sound better than anything in its price range. The piano's semi-weighted action also delivers the best feel you can get without the added cost and weight of hammer action. Two stereo headphone jacks are perfect for private practice or teaching. USB MIDI interface and pitch/mod wheels combine with other features to make it a great MIDI controller as well. If you want a pristine-sounding digital stage piano that feels great to both your fingers and your back, the ProKeys 88sx is for you.

Light Weight, Heavy Feel

Have you been waiting for a great sounding digital stage piano that travels well? Meet the ProKeys 88sx. At just 17 pounds, it's hard to imagine an 88-note instrument that weighs less. Yet its semi-weighted action is the next best thing to a full hammer action that costs and weighs significantly more.

Control Your DAW

Most digital stage pianos offer little more than a MIDI jack for communicating with other gear. In sharp contrast, the ProKeys 88sx inherits much from M-Audio's years of experience pioneering mobile MIDI controllers, incorporating a USB MIDI interface for recording and playback with your PC or Mac. (The instrument features class compliancy with Windows XP and Mac OS X without installation of additional drivers.) The ProKeys 88sx also incorporates performance controls that are rare on digital stage pianos, including pitch wheel, modulation wheel, two footswitch inputs, and expression pedal input. These are all fully assignable even including the volume slider. Of course, a standard MIDI Out jack is provided for control of outboard MIDI gear as well.

Dual Headphones Jacks, Pro Audio Outputs

ProKeys 88sx includes not one but two 1/4" stereo headphone jacks right up front—perfect for practicing or teaching privately. Of course, it wouldn't be an M-Audio product without high-fidelity 1/4" unbalanced audio output with specs like 20Hz-20kHz frequency response and 108dB dynamic range.

Full Pedal Complement

Every digital piano has a sustain pedal jack. But what about the sostenuto pedal (the middle pedal on an acoustic piano)? ProKeys 88sx has it. There's also an assignable expression pedal for foot-control of volume. And all three of these pedals serve as MIDI controllers for outboard gear as well.

Killer Piano and More

Where most digital stage pianos cram as many as 128 instruments into limited space, the ProKeys 88sx dedicates all of its memory to seven sounds that players rely on constantly, devoting extra attention to the multi-layer stereo samples of a Yamaha C7 concert grand. Piano 2 is designed to really cut through in popular music. Electric pianos are covered too, including samples of a bright classic Yamaha DX7, a sweet Fender Rhodes and a vintage Wurlitzer. There's also a percussive Hammond B3—and the Clavinet has "funky" totally nailed. Add on-board reverb and chorus to customize your sound.