Roland AT-20S Atelier Organ

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Roland AT-20S Atelier Organ

The AT-20S is the ideal instrument for new organ enthusiasts. Its straightforward layout with large, color-coded buttons makes it possible for beginners to start playing music right away.

* Brings true Atelier performance to beginning organ enthusiasts
* 49-key upper manual, 61-key lower manual and 13-key pedalboard
* 150 high-quality organ and instrument sounds; 90 music styles
* 7-track composer; 3.5" floppy drive for loading music files
* Hundreds of onboard presets using One Touch Program
* High-quality stereo speaker system for rich, powerful sound
* Attractive mahogany finish

Upper: 49 (C3-C7)
Lower: 61 (C2-C7)
Pedal: 13 (C2-C3)

Voices: 150
Upper Organ: Full, Jazz, Pipe etc.
Upper Orchestral: Strings, Piano, Brass, Choir, Guitar etc.
Lower Organ: Lower1/2, Pipe etc.
Lower Orchestral: Strings, Piano, Brass, Choir, Guitar etc.
Solo: Trumpet, Sax, Flute etc.
Pedal Organ: Organ etc.