Roland AT-5 Atelier Organ

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Roland AT-5 Atelier Organ

Superb Organ Sound & Realistic Rhythms The AT-5 offers a selection of exceptionally authentic, high-quality organ sounds including full organ, jazz organ, pipe organ and theater organ. You can also enjoy a range of other top-quality instrument sounds such as piano, strings and guitar. And you can have fun performing with realistic rhythms that are actual recordings of professional drummers.

Floppy Disk Drive Flexibility
To enable more effective lessons and more enjoyment, the AT-5 features a floppy disk drive. Using disks means you can playback and play along with a huge variety of SMF (Standard MIDI files) from around the world. Naturally, you can also record your own performances and then store them on disks.

One Touch Program
Having fun with the AT-5 is easy. How? Just play one or two notes with your left hand and Automatic Accompaniment provides accompaniments with the feel of a real band. All you have to do is choose a rhythm, such as Swing, Latin, Waltz or Polka, and then push the One Touch Program button. After that, you can enjoy playing melodies with a beautiful accompaniment.

Harmony Intelligence
For even more single-finger playing fun, Harmony Intelligence automatically adds beautiful harmonies to your melody performances.