Roland C-280 Classic Organ

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Roland C-280 Classic Organ

Utilizing the latest digital sampling technology, the C-280 is a positive organ for the modern musician offering eight individual stops for two types of organ tones with unprecedented authenticity. With the optional C-280P Pipe system, even more majestic sounds are produced.

* 61-keyboard with click action simulates the tracker action of a real pipe organ
* Genuine drawknobs familiar to Baroque organists
* Eight individual stops allow the control of two different organ types, the traditional "chiff" sound as well as the softer sound for accompaniment
* Other useful chamber and orchestral sounds include Chimes, Celesta and Choir
* Optional pipe façade (C-280P) adds greater resonance from the "pipes" and internal tweeters
* Dedicated Reverb knob for realtime control of reverb time and depth
* Equipped with classical temperaments and Baroque tunings for period-authentic performances
* No tuning required
* Traditional walnut finish with classic beauty and timeless design


Keyboard: C scale, 61 keys with click action
Maximum polyphony: 64 voices Tones
Tones: Organ (8 stops x 2 sets), Chime, Celesta, Choir (2 types)
Stops: Type 1 (default) Principal 8', Nason Flute 8', Octave 4', Spitzflote 4', Super Octave 2', Nazard 2 2/3', Quintflote 1 1/3', Subbass 16'(bass coupler) Type2 Diapason 8', Gedackt 8', Principal 4', Rohrflote 4', Fifteenth 2', Tierce 1 3/5', Mixture IV, Principal 16'(bass coupler)
Effects: Reverb with stereo presence
Temperaments: Equal, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Vallotti (Young), Mean-tone, Pythagorean, Just Major, Just Minor
Tunings: A = 440Hz (±50 cents), baroque pitch (A = 415 Hz)
Connectors: Phones Jack (stereo), Damper pedal jack (hold or tone selection), Expression pedal, MIDI connectors (In, Out), Audio output jack (L(mono)/R), AC inlet, Pipe system connection terminal
Speakers: C-280 : 20cm x 2 C-280P : 5cm x 2
Rated power output: 25W x 2
Power supply: AC117V/230V/240V
Power consumption: 125W (117V), 125W (230V), 130W (240V)
Finish: Simulated Traditional Walnut
Accessories: C-280: owner's manual, power cord, music stand, bench, cover