Roland E-200 Intelligent Keyboard

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Roland E-200 Intelligent Keyboard

This 61-key touch sensitive keyboard is an entry-level arranger keyboard that expands on Roland's highly successful E-Series Arranger Keyboards. With high-quality sounds and styles, a powerful onboard sound system, and updateable Flash memory (via USB), this model should prove popular with entry-level music hobbyists who are looking for high-quality sounds and musical expandability in a portable keyboard.

* 61-key keyboard with touch response
* 64-voice polyphony 510 GM2/GS/XG Lite compatible tones (including 20 drum sets)
* Reverb, Chorus, 47 other effects 80 x 3 internal music styles (plus 19 changeable Flash memory music styles)
* 126 Music Assistant sets
* 16-track (playback) sequencer with built-in metronome
* Built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive
* 10W x 2 power Bass reflex system
* High contrast silver finish

Connectivity and Expandability
The E-100/E-200 comes with 1.5MB of Flash memory and a USB port, giving you huge potential for your creativity.You can store up to 99 songs for practice or performance and you can easily transfer songs to and from your computer with a USB cable. Both keyboards are compatible with the GM2, GS and XG-lite standards and the E-200 even has a built-in floppy disk.

Play Along with the Pros
The styles in the E-100/E-200 are composed by professional musicians, so when you're playing, you're playing with the best. There are 94 styles to choose from and using the Stylist buttons, you can instantly change the instrumentation of a Style or MIDI file to suite your personal taste.

The Union of Power and Simplicity
Performing with the E-100/ E-200 is intuitive and natural with it's user-friendly interface and 61-note touch sensitive keyboard. All the settings can be accessed quickly with dozens of dedicated buttons and you can store your setups in 10 user memory locations.

Sounds to Inspire You
Inside the E-100/E-200 are 510 select sounds that will inspire your playing. The piano sounds are drawn from Roland's premier line of digital pianos. The speakers deliver superior sound with a Digital Bass Enhancer and the E-200 even has a special Bass Reflex system.

Entertain Your Brain
To prepare you for upcoming performances, the E-100/ E-200 has a metronome and 16-track sequencer so you can record your songs. If you're using commercial MIDI files, there's a Minus One function so you can easily mute the melody and play that instrument from the keyboard.