Roland EM-15 Creative Keyboard

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Roland EM-15 Creative Keyboard

The EM-15 Creative Keyboard takes interactive music-making to entirely new levels of fun. Loaded with high-quality Roland sounds, a variety of musical styles and new educational games, this affordable arranger keyboard makes playing music easy through dedicated buttons and an icon-based LCD.

* Affordably priced arranger keyboard with 61 velocity-sensitive keys and genuine Roland sounds
* Professional 16-part multitimbral sound engine with 226 GM2/GS-compatible sounds and 9 drum kits
* Easy-to-use; large icon-based display and dedicated function buttons
* Onboard arranger with 64 music styles and unique Style Morphing/Style Orchestrator functions
* New Game function helps students learn about music using interactive games: Guess the Tone, Guess the Style, and Chord Finder
* Built-in stereo sound system

Keyboards with Style
Whether you're looking for drum and bass accompaniment or full-blown arrangements, the EM-15 and EM-25 deliver with 64 new professionally programmed styles ranging from Rock and Pop to Jazz, Latin, Contemporary and more. A unique Style Morphing feature allows users to create new styles by combining elements from two different styles, while a Style Orchestrator makes it easy to select the instruments desired.

Professional Roland Sounds
The EM-15 and EM-25 are not just arranger keyboards, but professional-quality synthesizers with a 16-part GM2/GS-compatible sound engine. In all, there are 226 genuine Roland sounds—from realistic piano, strings and brass to acoustic bass and synthesizer sounds—plus nine dynamic drum kits. And with eight types of reverb and chorus, you can customize any of these outstanding Tones to your liking.

Easy to Play
Boasting a completely redesigned user interface, the EM-15 and EM-25 are so intuitive, even beginners can start playing music quickly. Both models feature a large, graphic LCD with easy-to-understand icons, making it possible to view a variety of performance information simultaneously including Tone name, Style name, song tempo and more. And with dedicated Piano, Organ, Arranger and Drum buttons, entire performance setups can be changed directly without confusing menus.

Performance-Friendly Functions
With the EM-25's built-in floppy drive, you can load commercially available SMF disks and quickly save performance settings. Additionally, the EM-15 and EM–25 make it easy to adjust the relative levels between accompaniment and melody using dedicated buttons, while their compact design is perfect for musicians on the go.