Roland EXR-46 OR Interactive Arranger

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Roland EXR-46 OR Interactive Arranger

Add international appeal to your personal studio or stage with the new EXR-46 OR — Roland's most authentic and versatile Oriental-themed keyboard. As the newest addition to Roland's arranger-keyboard family, the EXR-46 OR retains many of the popular design characteristics of its predecessor (EXR-40 OR), but improves and builds upon the fundamental elements: sounds, styles and Music Assistant features.

* Dozens of new sounds, drum kits, phrase samples, and pre-programmed patterns from Turkey and various Middle Eastern and Arabic regions
* New plucked-instrument patches with multiple articulations based on key touch
* 17 types of unique Arabic vocal phrases and one-shot drum phrases, great for reproducing Arabic dance music
* Automatic Drum-Pad keyboard-mapping feature for easy percussion performance and programming
* Large backlit LCD and dedicated front-panel controls for fast navigation, sound and pattern selection, transposition, tempo adjust and song arrangement
* High-quality stereo speaker system built-in

Expanded Sound Bank
The EXR-46 OR is pre-installed with so many excellent sounds and patterns, there's no need for additional expansion boards, sound libraries or other costly upgrades. With over 30% more wave ROM than its EXR-40 OR predecessor, the EXR-46 OR offers dozens of authentic sounds, drum kits and phrase samples from a wide range of Arabian Gulf-region countries.

One-Touch Song Creation
With dozens of authentic Music Styles preprogrammed into the EXR-46 OR, song arrangements can be created quickly and easily in real time. Thanks to the level of care and quality that went into the sound design and pattern creation, the EXR-46 OR perfectly captures the musical spirit of Turkey, Syria, Iran and other colorful locales.

On-Location Creation
In order to realize the highest level of authenticity, the EXR-46 OR was designed in collaboration with musical masters from each stylistic region. Combined with the EXR-46 OR's high-resolution sound engine, these custom-made waveforms and patterns are amazingly realistic to the ear.

New Drum-Pad Function
Performing and programming drum/percussion parts is made easy on the EXR-46 OR thanks to its automatic Drum-Pad mapping capabilities. This handy feature instantly reassigns the highest range of keyboard (F6-C7) to function as dedicated "drum pads."