Roland EXR-7 Interactive Arranger Keyboard

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Roland EXR-7 Interactive Arranger Keyboard

Roland is proud to introduce the EXR-7 Interactive Arranger, the new crown jewel in the acclaimed EXR Arranger Keyboard Series. Featuring a 76-note touch-sensitive keyboard, Piano Mode Chord Recognition technology, new high-quality sounds, 1.5 MB of Flash memory, and more, the EXR-7 extends the performance features of Roland's popular EXR Series.

* 76-note keyboard, with newly improved keyboard action
* 510 tones, 20 drum kits, and 20 new high-quality Super tones
* 1.5 MB of built-in Flash memory allows storage of up to 99 Songs or Styles
* 100 User Programs
* 16-track recorder with 100-plus editable Music Styles
* Superior speaker system with Bass Reflex and Digital Bass Enhancer
* USB port for loading new songs and styles to the internal Flash memory, plus floppy drive
* D Beam and V-LINK controllers

Keyboard: 76 Keys Touch Sensitive (improved key action)
Keyboard Mode: Whole, Split, Dual

Sound Source
- PCM samples
- Conformes to GM2/GS/XG Lite
Max Polyphony: 64 voices
- 510 panel tones
- + 542 XG Tones *1
- + 256 GM2 Tones *1
- plus new 20 Super tones : Attack Flute, Blow Alto Sax, Harmonica Hand, Muted Trumpet, Poly Brass, Jazz Guitar, Accordion Master, French Musette, Bandoneon, Stereo Strings, etc.
Drum Kits
- 20 Drum Kits
- 11 Drum Kits XG compatible
- 9 Drum Kits GM2 compatible
Multitimbral parts: 19

Display type: New Large Backlit Custom LCD
Master Volume: Yes, by a knob
- 74 switches
- Accomp/Keyboard
- Balance
- Family/Rec Mode
- Select/Rec Track
- Number (0~9 +Yes/-No)
- Tone Select 1~8 families
- Style Select 1~8 families
- Tempo Slow/Fast
Pitch Bender: Yes
Modulation: Yes
D Beam: Yes

Chord Recognition Mode: Mode 1, Mode 2, Piano Mode
Styles: 84 Factory + 19 Changeable (up to 99 on Frash memory)
Flash Memory: (Memory size 1.5 MB for Style and Song)
One Touch: 2 x 84
Band Orchestrator
- 3 levels: Drum

Realtime SMF player: Yes
16-track Recorder: 4 easy modes: ALL, Keyboard, Single, Punch In/Out
Songs Flash Memory: 19 Changeable. Up to 99 (Memory size 1.5 MB for Style and Song)
Cover: For Song and Style, 5: Acoustic, Rock, Pop, Dance, Ethnic
User Programs: 100

Reverb: 8 types
Chorus: 8 types
Multi-FX: 47 types