Roland F-100 Digital Piano

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Roland F-100 Digital Piano

The F-100 Digital Piano offers the sound and feel of a concert grand in a stylish cabinet designed to fit anywhere. This space-saving piano also includes fixed pedals for more natural playing, a matching keyboard cover and music rest—plus a built-in Song Recorder, onboard rhythms and more.

* 64-voice digital piano with stylish, contemporary design
* 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard for realistic touch
* Includes 20 of Roland's finest piano and instrument sounds
* New transparent acrylic music stand and removable keyboard cover
* Fixed damper and soft pedals for more expressive playing
* Onboard reverb for true concert hall sound
* Built-in Rhythms plus 60 preset songs and Song Recorder
* Simulated maple cabinet w/ built-in speakers and dual headphone jacks

Smart and Graceful Design
The F-100's sleek cabinet makes it easy to fit this compact digital piano anywhere in your home. And with damper and soft pedals built into the stand, playing expressively is far more natural. This stylish cabinet also includes a music stand that complements the F-100's simulated maple finish, while a removable keyboard cover protects its high-quality keyboard.

Superb Piano and Instrument Sounds
Playing the F-100 is a truly exhilarating experience, thanks to Roland's next-generation stereo-sampled piano sounds. Every nuance of an acoustic grand has been faithfully captured—from the strongest forté to the most delicate pianissimo—whether playing in the upper or lower register. There are 20 high-quality sounds onboard including piano, strings, choir and bass—plus split presets for playing different tones in the upper and lower register and a Dual function for layering tones.

Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard
A Progressive Hammer Action Keyboard further bolsters these impressive sounds and provides an experience nearly indistinguishable from an acoustic grand. Developed through years of research, this exclusive keyboard mechanism uses real hammers rather than springs, and is weighted with a heavier touch in the lower range and a lighter touch in the upper range for the most realistic touch possible.

Cool Practice and Performance Functions
If you're new to the piano or just appreciate music, you'll enjoy the F-100's 60 preset piano pieces. Use them as a guide while practicing or just sit back and listen. You can even record your own performance using the Song Recorder. To make practice fun, the F-100 includes a built-in metronome with 16 rhythms and a stereo Line input for playing along with CDs. A custom-built stereo speaker system makes all of this music sound great.