Roland GW-7 Workstation

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Roland GW-7 Workstation

The GW-7 carves a unique path in the arranger-workstation market with its pop-focused sound set, clean and easy user interface, and ultra-affordable price. The workstation is well stocked with mainstream sounds and accompaniment styles for covering a wide range of contemporary pop genres. If you want to add additional styles and Standard MIDI files, the GW-7's USB port allows for quick and easy file transfer.

* Affordable performance keyboard with preset backing
* Simple operation
* Pro-quality sounds
* Friendly features for live performance

EZ Operation
Whether you love or loathe technology, you'll find the GW-7 to be simple, straightforward, and inviting to use. No extensive knowledge of synthesis or sequencing is required to use this intuitive instrument. It's the perfect first-time workstation for standard pop, jazz, and world-music styles, but its sound quality and styles are rich and expressive enough to attract professionals as well.

Customizable Styles
The GW-7 comes equipped with a wide variety of pre-programmed Styles, which can be customized. In all, there are 101 Styles onboard, with 99 User memory locations. Choose from a trio of band types: Drum & Bass, Combo, and Full Band. You can also create your own compositions from scratch with the internal 16-track sequencer. 99 song locations are provided for storing your compositions and arrangements.

Connect the GW-7 to a computer with one simple USB cable, and transfer data back and forth quickly and easily. Keep your GW-7 well stocked with fresh songs and Styles by loading new Styles and Standard MIDI Files. Save your compositions and arrangements via USB.

Expressive Performance Features
The GW-7 is made to be played. And not just on its keyboard, this workstation offers an invisible, front-panel D Beam (wave your hands over the beam to color your sound), plus a pitch-bend/modulation lever, and a pair of control knobs. Performers will appreciate the GW-7's large backlit LCD, especially on dark stages and dimly lit studio environments.

World Music Bonus
Ethnic instruments are plentiful in the GW-7. Many instruments have been newly sampled, and boast exceptional sound quality. Call up these expressive sounds and arrangements — programmed by top musicians — and instantly spice up your music!