Roland HP-103 Digital Piano

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Roland HP-103 Digital Piano

With its strikingly real grand piano and other instrument sounds, its authentic acoustic piano touch, and host of features to make playing and practicing more fun, the HP103 is built to satisfy. Its refined but contemporary upgraded cabinet and stand (simulated mahogany finish model only) offer the dignified and stately air of an acoustic upright piano. You'll love the metronome, 2-track recorder, and numerous internal songs, as well as the Grand Space and other digital sound enhancement features. For beginners and seasoned players alike, it's the ideal blend of craftsmanship and technology.

* 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard (PA-5)
* 20 tones incorporating Roland's stereo-sampled piano sounds with "Damper" Resonance; 64-voice polyphony
* New "Grand Space" and "Dynamic Emphasis" effects
* Onboard 2-track recorder with metronome


Keyboard: 88 keys (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard)
Touch Sensitivity: Touch: Light, Medium, Heavy, Fixed
Keyboard Mode: Whole, Layer / Dual (volume balance adjustable), Split (split point adjustable)

Sound Generator
Max. Polyphony: 64 voices
Tones: 20 tones in 5 groups
Temperament: 7 types, tonic selectable
Stretched Tuning: 2 types
Master Tuning: 415.3 Hz - 466.2 Hz (0.1 Hz Step)
Transpose: -6 to +5 (in semitones)
Effect: Reverb (8 levels), Chorus (E. Piano only), Grand Space, Dynamic Emphasis
Piano Resonance: Damper Resonance

Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
Volume: 8 levels

Tracks: 2
Song: 1
Note Storage: Approx. 5,000 notes
Tempo: Quarter note = 20 to 250
Resolution: 96 ticks per quarter note
Control: Play/Stop, Rec, Tempo, All Song Play, Track Select
Internal Songs: 66 songs + 9 Tone Demo songs