Roland HP-109 Digital Mini-Grand Piano

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Roland HP-109 Digital Mini-Grand Piano

Like the HP-107, the HP-109 will be known for its stunning grand-piano sound and Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement, which delivers the authentic, natural touch of an acoustic grand. It's the perfect mini-grand piano for every musical home!

* Realistic instrument sounds
* High-quality, 4-speaker sound system
* Stylish, elegant mini-grand design
* 88-key Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement
* 128-voice polyphony
* 40 instrument tones (including Roland's finest stereo-sampled pianos)
* Adjustable key touch, lid angle, and hammer response
* Grand Space 3D sound with Dynamic Emphasis
* Reverb, chorus, and key-off/string/damper resonance effects
* 2-track sequencer with built-in metronome
* Damper (1/2 pedal recognition), soft (1/2 pedal recognition), and sostenuto (assignable) pedals
* 50W x 2 (20cm. + 5 cm.) speaker system
* Polished ebony finish