Roland JP-8000 Synthesizer

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Roland JP-8000 Synthesizer

The JP-8000 Music Synthesizer has been designed using a first-of-its-kind Roland Analog modeling sound source, combining the fat, powerful sounds associated with vintage analog synths with the flexibility of digital technology and MIDI.

* Incorporates Roland Analog modeling technology for fat, powerful analog-type sounds and tonal variations
* DSP oscillator with 7 distinct algorithms: Saw, Square, Triangle (PWM), Super Saw (7 detuned Saws), Noise, Triangle Mod, and Feedback
* 38 front-panel knobs and sliders for unprecedented realtime control and manipulation; 49-note velocity-sensitive keyboard
* "Analog" synth functions like oscillator sync, ring modulation, cross modulation and -12/-24 dB filtering
* Assignable ribbon controller with powerful pitch bend/modulation lever
* Programmable realtime phrase sequencing (RPS)
* Onboard digital delay and chorus effects as well as tone controls