Roland KD-80 V-Kick Trigger

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Roland KD-80 V-Kick Trigger

The compact KD-80 V-Kick™ Trigger Pad features extremely road-worthy construction, ultra-sensitive triggering capabilities, and a sleek look that complements the entire V-Drums® system.

* Sturdy 8-inch kick drum pad/trigger with super-accurate triggering and natural rebound for acoustic drum feel
* Mesh drum head absorbs unwanted noise for practice/recording applications
* Can be used with any standard (vertical beater) kick drum pedal, including double-bass pedals
* Four-leg stand prevents slipping even during aggressive playing
* Compatible with V-Drums TD-Series modules, as well as TD-7, TD-5, SPD-20


- Connection Cable, Beater, Tuning Key
Size and Weight
- 440 mm
- 17-3/8 inches
- 340 mm
- 13-7/16 inches
- 465 mm
- 18-5/16 inches
- 4.8 kg
- 10 lbs. 10 oz.