Roland KR-17M Digital Intelligent Grand Piano

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Roland KR-17M Digital Intelligent Grand Piano

The KR-17M Intelligent Grand Piano combines all the magnificent realism of a fine acoustic piano with functionality available only from the world's best digital pianos. From its exquisite polished ebony cabinet, to its expressive grand piano sound, to a soul-stirring speaker system and rich assortment of vocal and instrument sounds, you will see, hear and feel the elegance of this instrument every time you play. Rounded out with an onboard CD drive and excellent vocal features, the KR-17M is sure to be an instant winner with family and friends.

* "Player piano" type moving key progressive hammer-action keyboard with escapement
* Newly developed stereo sampled piano sounds with 128-voice polyphony
* User-friendly control panel with large touchscreen display
* GM2/GS/XG Lite compatible tones with 673 instrument tones including 16 drum sets and special effects
* Built-in CD player system (Plays QRS CD selections and Piano Disc CD selections)
* Onboard Reverb, Chorus, Sympathetic Resonance, Rotary and 45 other effects; Advanced 3D, Physical Damper Simulation
* Hundreds of internal music styles (plus 32 music styles on disk)
* 140 x 4 Music Assistant sets
* Built in FDD: 16-track sequencer with built-in metronome with Music Tutor Interactive for playing back SMF's in all popular music file formats
* Song Stylist, Session Partner
* "DigiScore" music, lyric, chord and fingering in display
* Microphone input with Echo, Voice Transformer, Vocal Keyboard, Harmonist
* Built-in CD player and 3.5" floppy disk drive
* Stereo sound system with resonating sound board
* Exquisite polished ebony finish with "soft landing" keyboard cover

keyboard: 88 keys (Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement), Automatic Keyboard Movement
Touch Sensitivity: 100 levels
Keyboard Mode: Whole, Split (adjustable split point), Layer, Arranger, Piano Style Arranger, Manual, Drums / SFX

Sound Source (Conforms to GM2 / GS / XGlite)
Max. Polyphony: 128 voices
Tones (Tone Search by terms and by letters): 6 groups 691 variations (including 16 drum sets, 2 SFX sets)
Temperament: 8 types, selectable tonic
Transposition: Key Transposition (-6-+5 semitone steps), Playback Transposition (-24-+24 semitone steps)
Effects: Reverb (16 types, 127 levels), Chorus (8 types, 127 levels), Sympathetic Resonance, Rotary and 45 other types, Advanced 3D Surround, Physical Damper Simulation (Advanced Resonance)
Equalizer: 5 bands, Master level

Music Styles: 6 groups 231 styles x 4 types (Style Orchestrator)
Music Assistant: Over 140 sets x 4 presets
Programmable Music Styles: Style Converter, Style Composer
Melody Intelligence: 24 types

User Programs
Internal: 36
Disk: Max. 99 sets

Rhythm Partner (Metronome, Rhythm)
Tempo: Quarter note = 20-250
Beat: 2/2, 0/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4, 3/8, 6/8, 9/8, 12/8
Volume: 10 levels
Metronome Pattern: 11 patterns
Metronome Sound: 8 types
Rhythm Pattern: 59 patterns

Tracks: 5 tracks / 16 tracks
Song: 1 song
Recording Method: Realtime (Replace, Mix, Auto Punch In, Manual Punch In, Loop, Tempo), Step (Chord Sequencer), Beat Map
Edit: Copy, Quantize, Delete, Insert, Erase, Transpose, Part Exchange, Note Edit, PC Edit
Other Functions: Touch the Notes, Replay, Select Various Tones, Song Stylist, Session Partner, Wonderland/Game, Quick Tour, Audition, Panel Lock, Score Output