Roland KR-277 Intelligent Piano

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Roland KR-277 Intelligent Piano

The KR-277 combines Roland's latest digital piano technology—including an 88-note PA-4 Hammer-Action keyboard, stereo-sampled piano sounds, and a full range of accompaniment features—with a custom satin mahogany cabinet that will enhance any room decor.

* 88-note PA-4 weighted Hammer-Action keyboard
* 64-voice polyphony
* Stereo-sampled piano sounds and 447 GS/GM2-compatible instrument sounds
* Onboard Arranger with Style Orchestrator and Pianist functions
* Built-in 3.5" floppy disk drive; 16-track sequencer
* Custom LCD display with "bouncing ball" for keeping time visually
* One Touch Program buttons for instantly switching from Accompaniment mode to Piano mode
* Onboard reverb and chorus, plus 32 DSP effects including Sympathetic Resonance and Rotary