Roland PD-80R Mesh V-Pads

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Roland PD-80R Mesh V-Pads

The new 8-inch PD-80 and PD-80R mesh V-Pads™ allow for natural feel, near-silent drum performance and ultra-sensitive triggering—even playing with brushes!

* Precision 8-inch mesh-head drum pads with rubber-coated rim for natural rebound and response
* Ultra-expressive, near-silent triggering even allows playing with brushes
* Dual-trigger PD-80R pad senses separate head and rim shots for snare drum or other applications
* Single-trigger PD-80 pad is perfect for use as rack or floor tom
* Compatible with V-Drums® TD-10/8/6, SPD-20 and HPD-15


Trigger: 2 (head, rim)
Accessories: Connection Cable, Tuning Key
Size and Weight
Width: 245 mm; 9-11/16 inches
Depth: 310 mm; 12-1/4 inches
Height: 95 mm; 3-3/4 inches
Weight: 1.7 kg; 3 lbs. 12 oz.