Roland RD-150 Digital Stage Piano

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Roland RD-150 Digital Stage Piano

The RD-150 was built around the concept that an entry-level stage piano should still feel and sound like the real thing. That's why its 88-note keyboard uses an improved hammer action that responds like digital pianos costing hundreds more. And with an upgraded sound engine that's equally realistic, the RD-150 sets a new standard for affordable digital pianos.


* 88-key velocity-sensitive digital stage piano with improved hammer-action keyboard
* Full 64-voice polyphony using Roland's best stereo grand piano
* 16 Tones include stereo-sampled piano sounds, electric pianos, vibraphone, acoustic bass and more, plus 8 variations
* 8 levels of Sympathetic Resonance add realistic acoustic piano resonance when using the damper pedal
* Keyboard Split function with separate Volume controls for Upper and Lower parts
* New Stretch Tuning function provides instant alternate tunings
* Built-in 2-track Recorder for practice or accompaniment
* Onboard reverb and chorus effects with eight levels

Simple, Elegant Design
While other digital pianos are loaded with features and buttons you'll likely never use, Roland took a different approach with the RD-150. The front-panel layout is clean and uncluttered for ease-of-use, and the sounds are comprised of nothing less than the finest acoustic and electric pianos around. What's more, this remarkable digital piano is surprisingly affordable, too.

Roland's Finest Piano Sounds
The RD-150 inherits the top-quality sound engine of the Roland FP-9 Digital Piano. These stereo-sampled pianos are amazingly realistic, especially in the upper and lower registers. Combined with onboard Sympathetic Resonance—plus lush reverb and chorus effects—the RD-150 sounds great whatever style of music you play.

Keyboard Split/Layer Function
In addition to its keyboard sounds, the RD-150 includes an assortment of instrument sounds like acoustic and electric bass, strings, vibraphone and more. And with the Keyboard Split/Layer function, you can play two sounds at once with slider-based volume control over the Upper and Lower parts.

Stretch Tuning and Demo Functions
The RD-150's new Stretch Tuning function allows the keyboard to be tuned to one of two alternate tunings with the touch of a button. So now you can change tunings instantly as required by the music being performed. Onboard demo songs are provided to make auditioning the RD-150 as simple as pushing a button.