Roland RD-700 Digital Stage Piano

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Roland RD-700 Digital Stage Piano

The RD-700 Expandable Keyboard is loaded with 64MB of stereo-sampled piano and instrument sounds—expandable via high-quality SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards—plus an 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard for the ultimate in musical expression. And with its new graphic LCD, intuitive knob- and slider-based editing and powerful arpeggiator, the RD-700 is everything an expandable keyboard should be.

* Flagship expandable keyboard with 128-voice/16-part multitimbral sound engine and 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
* Massive 64MB internal wave memory includes stereo-sampled piano sounds and a collection of Roland's best instrument sounds
* Large graphic LCD for easy operation; dedicated knobs and sliders for quick sound shaping and direct volume control over parts
* Expandable via two SRX-Series 64MB Wave Expansion Boards
* Extensive onboard effects processing
* One-touch Piano button instantly switches the RD-700 for piano performance
* Realistic tonewheel organ sounds with graphical drawbar editing
* Powerful arpeggiator with 45 styles including guitar strumming; 50 onboard rhythm patterns for practice and composing
* MIDI Tx button for easy control over external MIDI devices and sound modules

A Comprehensive Collection of Piano Sounds
Whether you're looking for acoustic grand pianos or pop piano sounds, you'll find it in the RD-700. That's because Roland meticulously sampled some of the world's finest acoustic and electric pianos, giving you a collection of sounds unsurpassed by any other keyboard. These include acoustic grand pianos with Sympathetic Resonance, mellow pianos ideal for ballads and solos, new piano sounds with presence designed to cut through the mix, plus a complete collection of Rhodes sounds.

New Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard
To complement its extraordinary piano and instrument sounds, the RD-700 features Roland's new 88-note Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard. This revolutionary design produces a heavier touch in the lower range and a lighter touch in the upper range, just like an acoustic piano. So whether you're playing classical, jazz or pop music, the RD-700's sounds will be more responsive than ever, bringing a whole new level of expression to your performance.

Intuitive, Stage-Friendly Operation
The RD-700 was designed for quick and easy operation. To start, you'll find a large graphic LCD for easy navigation and confirmation of settings regardless of lighting conditions. And selecting sounds couldn't be easier; one button push is all it takes. Even editing sounds is simple, thanks to dedicated knobs for equalizer, reverb and chorus settings. Four sliders provide instant level adjustment of the RD-700's four parts: Upper 1, Upper 2, Lower, and Rhythm.

Customize Your RD-700 with SRX Expansion
More than a stage piano, the RD-700 is a 16-part multitimbral synthesizer with 64MB of high-quality Roland sounds. And with two expansion slots for SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards, you can build a custom sound library based on your musical needs. For example, by adding the SRX-02 Concert Piano board, users gain 64MB of the finest acoustic piano sounds ever captured, while the SRX-03 Contemporary board provides the studio standards needed for modern pop music.

Onboard Arpeggiator, Rhythm Patterns and More…
The RD-700's advanced arpeggiator offers 45 styles including guitar strumming. Additionally, there are over 50 onboard rhythm patterns, which can be used as a guide while practicing or to develop new song ideas. And for those using the RD-700 as a high-quality digital piano, Roland included a one-touch Piano button for instant recall of piano sounds, plus a Piano Edit function for customizing nuance, stereo width and ambience. The RD-700 can even reproduce superb tonewheel organ sounds complete with rotary effects taken from Roland's acclaimed VK-Series Combo Organs. And changing drawbar settings is easy with slider-based editing and intuitive graphics in the LCD.