Roland RK-100 VIMA Recreational Keyboard

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Roland RK-100 VIMA Recreational Keyboard

Experience a new world of audio/visual entertainment with the VIMA RK-100, a unique and exciting instrument. The RK-100, a more compact and affordable VIMA, is packed with great sounds for you to play, and comes loaded with a library of timeless songs to listen to and play along with. You can also add as many songs to your collection as you wish. The RK-100 can also play back CDs, and it lets you connect two microphones for karaoke fun. Your parties and special gatherings will never be the same with the RK-100 as the recreational centerpiece.

* Unique audio/visual instrument for the ultimate in home entertainment
* 61-key keyboard (velocity sensitive)
* 64-voice sound engine
* 264 instrument Tones, featuring grand piano, and eight drum sets
* 34 songs onboard
* Onboard lyric display
* Melody Mute lets you silence the melody part and sing along karaoke-style
* Connect external devices such as portable digital-audio/movie players for audio/visual interaction

EZ Navigation
The RK-100's control panel is easy to use. The large, easy-to-read buttons are arranged according to function making it easy to locate the controls you need. When a song is playing, the song title is clearly displayed on the onboard LCD panel.

No Experience Required
While a song is playing back, you can have fun by adding your own contribution to the music using a single finger. Use the recommended Tone button to change the instrument sound to one that suits the music. If you want to learn a song, the Tempo Adjustment and Melody Mute functions will make the process easier for you. For example, you can practice songs as they play back at slower tempo. By muting the melody part, you can play along with a full orchestra or band.

Karaoke Fun
Grab a microphone (sold separately) and have a karaoke party with your friends. You can play karaoke songs stored inside the RK-100 or from the VIMA TUNES™ CD-ROM, as well as from other sources. The lyrics are displayed on the RK-100's LCD display, so it's easy to have fun singing. You make the music suit your voice by adjusting key, and experiment with the built-in echo effect.

Plug & Play
In addition to its wealth of onboard features and built-in songs, the RK-100 also allows easy integration with external devices such as audio-CD and portable digital-audio/movie players. Imagine playing your favorite CDs or DVDs through the RK-100, and using its Center Cancel function to minimize the pre-recorded vocals so you can sing along with the songs karaoke style! Meanwhile, you can input your own videos and digital images for a complete audio/visual experience. With built-in practice aid functions, beginners can enjoy playing music.