Roland RS-50 Synthesizer

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Roland RS-50 Synthesizer

The RS-50 Synthesizer is designed so musicians can forget about MIDI and focus on playing.

This easy-to-use keyboard sports an all-new collection of CD-quality sounds, cool performance features and simple Direct Access buttons for selecting Patches—all at an entry-level price.

* Affordable 61-note synthesizer with easy access to Roland's latest sounds
* Hundreds of all-new Patches based on CD-quality waveforms
* Direct Access buttons permit easy sound selection by category
* Powerful Arpeggio/Phrase Generator and Multi Chord Memory
* Rhythm Guide metronome with preset patterns and several variations
* D Beam Controller for realtime control using an infrared beam of light
* Includes editor software for Mac and PC


Sound Generator
Maximum Polyphony: 64 voices
Multitimbral Parts: 16: Two Tones can be assigned to each part (Patch), and can be split or layered.
Wave Memory: 32 MB (16-bit linear equivalent)

Preset Memory
Original Tones: 640
Patches: Original: 384, General MIDI 2: 256: Two Tones can be assigned to each Patch.
Rhythm Sets: 2
Performances: 8

User Memory
Patches: 128: Two Tones can be assigned to each Patch.
Rhythm Sets: 2
Performances: 8

Multi-Effects: 47 types
Reverb: 8 types
Chorus: 8 types

Rhythm Guide
Preset Patterns: 32
Tempo: 5-300 BPM (with tap tempo function)

Multi-Chord Memory
Preset Chord Sets: 16
User Chord Sets: 8: 12 chord forms can be assigned to each set.

Phrase / Arpeggio
Templates: 342
User Templates: 8
Styles (Variations): 473

D Beam Controller: 1
Pitch bend / Modulation Lever: 1
Control Knobs: 5