Roland VK-77 Combo Organ

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Roland VK-77 Combo Organ

With the Roland VK-77 Combo Organ, discriminating rock and jazz organ players now have a stunning, full-featured dual-manual version of the VK-7 -- the instrument that Keyboard Magazine called the "Ferrari" of combo organs. With its two 61-key manuals and Roland's acclaimed "Virtual ToneWheel" modeling technology, the VK-77 gives organists a compact, lightweight organ of unrivaled sound quality and performance possibilities.

* Dual 61-key manual organ with proprietary Virtual ToneWheel sound modeling technology
* Full keyboard polyphony
* Independent harmonic drawbar-based control of Upper and Lower manuals, Pedal, and Orchestral voices
* COSM™ Amp Simulator with overdrive effects
* Key click, leakage and 2nd and 3rd harmonic percussion can be added as desired
* Extensive Rotary Speaker modeling, plus Vibrato, Chorus and Organ Reverb
* External Rotary Cabinet connector
* Tonal variations enhanced by new independent Wheel Type and Wheel Table control
* Orchestral, piano and bass sounds also included
* Optional PK-7 pedal bass and EV-7 expression pedals