Roland VR-760 V-Combo Keyboard

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Roland VR-760 V-Combo Keyboard

The VR-760 V-Combo is a unique instrument built to cover the bases of keyboard sounds - including the same Virtual ToneWheel organs of Roland's VK-Series, high-quality FP- and RD-Series pianos, all-new electric pianos with COSM Amp Modeling, and even synthesizer sounds with SRX expansion. This 76-note instrument also sports a waterfall keyboard and a host of futuristic performance features including a D Beam, Active Expression and V-LINK for synchronizing video.

* First-of-its-kind performance instrument combining top-quality organ, piano and synthesizer sounds with a 76-note waterfall keyboard
* Fully polyphonic organ sounds; 128-voice polyphony for piano and synth sounds
* Organ section based on the "Virtual ToneWheel" sounds of the VK-Series with COSM Amp and Rotary Speaker Modeling
* Piano section features amazing new electric pianos with COSM Amp Modeling
* Piano section also features stereo-sampled acoustic pianos from the legendary FP- and RD-Series with COSM Mic Modeling
* Synthesizer section includes 6 Tone categories with 3 variations each, plus intuitive sound editing knobs
* Expandable via two optional SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards
* Light-sensing D Beam with multi-colored LED for expressive realtime control
* Active Expression for ultra-expressive performance w/ optional EV-7 Expression Pedal
* V-LINK feature for synchronizing video clips in live performance

A Keyboard Player's Dream
When you think about it, every keyboard player needs three things: 1) great organ sounds, 2) realistic pianos and 3) a variety of synthesizer sounds. That's the idea behind the VR-760 V-Combo: Now keyboardists can have all the best sounds in one easy-to-use instrument that's a true pleasure to play. Why bring an organ, digital piano and synthesizer to a gig when the VR-760 V-Combo does all this and more?

It's Like A VK-8
Based on Roland's acclaimed VK-8 Combo Organ, the VR-760 V-Combo delivers organ tones beyond those of sample-based synths. These "Virtual ToneWheel" organ sounds have been praised for their authenticity, and now you can have them in one versatile instrument - complete with COSM Amp and Rotary Speaker Modeling. And with a 76-note waterfall keyboard, you can play glissandos and other techniques unique to the organ.

With Outstanding Piano Sounds
The VR-760 V-Combo is loaded with the finest acoustic piano sounds from Roland's legendary FP- and RD-Series instruments. These include everything from expressive acoustic grands to bright pop pianos - all with COSM Mic Modeling to give them realistic ambience and tone. And if it's Rhodes and Wurlys you crave, you'll be blown away by the VR-760's newly sampled electric pianos with COSM Amp Modeling. Now you can get those classic "suitcase" and "stage" sounds without having to own the real thing.

And an SRXapandable Synthesizer
Rounding out this sonic stew is a high-quality synthesizer section, which like the piano sounds, can be played with a maximum of 128-note polyphony. Sounds are set up into easy Tone categories and can be directly edited via front-panel knobs. And if the onboard sounds aren't enough, you can add two optional SRX-Series Wave Expansion Boards - turning the VR-760 V-Combo into a workhorse keyboard for any music genre.

Outstanding Performance Control
With the D Beam controller, players can adjust special functions like rotary speed, octave or glide using an infrared light beam with an LED that changes color depending on the proximity of your hand. Roland's unique Active Expression feature offers more performance control than ever before, allowing players to slowly fade in a synth sound over an organ, for example, or to even change the timbre and volume of a sound - all from an optional EV-7 Expression Pedal. And using the new V-LINK function, musicians can even trigger video clips with their music. What more could a keyboard player ask for?