Roland XP-80 Music Workstation

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Roland XP-80 Music Workstation

The 76-note XP-80 is an integrated workstation with 64-voice polyphony, 16-part multitimbral capabilities and Roland's acclaimed 32-bit RISC chip processor for integrated sequencing, arrangement and synth layering possibilities. Expansion slots accommodate any four of the SR-JV80-Series expansion boards simultaneously.

* Pro-quality 76-note weighted-action workstation keyboard, velocity/aftertouch-sensitive
* 64-voice polyphony, 16-part multitimbral capabilities
* 8 MB of internal waveform memory; 40 MB and more than 1,500 Patches when fully expanded
* Accommodates up to four SR-JV80-Series expansion boards simultaneously
* 16-track MRC-Pro sequencer with direct-from-disk playback
* New sequencer functions like "non-stop" loop recording for added ease
* Huge 320x80 full-dot backlit LCD for instant verification of all parameters
* Onboard sequencer memory: 100 patterns, one song, 60,000 notes
* Advanced arpeggiator including MIDI sync and guitar strum mode
* Realtime Phrase Sequence (RPS) for on-the-fly triggering
* 42 insert effects: reverb, chorus, delay, ring modulation, distortion, etc.
* Two pairs of independent stereo outputs
* Quick Palette with four assignable sliders; Click out with volume knob
* Collection of dedicated function buttons for increased operational ease
* Note that this product is no longer in production. Similar capabilities can be found in the Fantom workstation.