Yamaha 02R96V2 Digital Mixer

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha 02R96V2 Digital Mixer

The Version 2 SOFTWARE for 02R96 has been created in response to the many ideas and requests we have received from our valued end users. In addition to the significant overall performance enhancements, the Version 2 system Software offers a range of new features that add advanced capabilities for audio production, broadcast, and live applications.

But there's more. You also get the capability to install the new optional ADD-ON EFFECTS, providing a range of state-of-the-art effect programs in addition to the current internal effect list.

The version 2 system software is offered as an Upgrade Kit: 02R96V2K, to be installed in the current 02R96 digital consoles in use.

The Version 2 SOFTWARE UPGRADE KIT also includes a new and improved STUDIO MANAGER application for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X platforms.

General New Features

* Add-On Effect Capability
* Automix Static Insert Edit for clip based automation
* Additional Settings on User Defined Keys, Encoder Mode
* Additional Parameters on GPI and Recall Safe

Advanced DAW Integration

* Nuendo and Cubase SX control by selected Channel Module
* Surround pan control on Pro Tools Remote
* MMC transport control on DAW Remote Layer.

Advanced Surround Functions

* 6.1 Panning & Monitoring
* Flexible Surround Bus Setup
* Snap to SPL85
* Additional Base Management Parameters
* Surround Pan On / Off (by using Follow Pan switch)
* Summed Monitoring of Surround Monitor Source

Broadcast Applications

* Mix Minus
* Operation Lock with password
* Pre Fader SOLO with PAN
* Fader / Solo Release
* Independent L/R Oscillator (1kHz/400Hz)

Live SR / Theater Applications

* User Assignable Layer
* Fader Group Master
* Mute Group Master
* Alternative Layer control by Encoders
* Instant group assignment with User Defined Keys
* AUX Pre Fader Pre ON (AUX Pre Point)
* Instant AUX monitoring (AUX/SOLO LINK)
* Global Paste to multiple scenes
* Global Fade Time
* Global Recall Safe
* Gain Reduction Meter