Yamaha 9000 Pro Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha 9000 Pro Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

Let the 9000 Pro Put Your Talent in the Spotlight
The 9000 Pro puts total music power at your fingertips, giving you the sound and features you need to sound your best. Inside you'll find some of the most expressive and realistic voices available today – beautiful pianos, lush strings, dynamic drum kits and hundreds more. Plus it's equipped with innovative features and functions tailored to the special needs of live and studio musicians. So give yourself the professional power of the 9000 Pro – and take your music to new heights of performance and creativity.

Sound – Incredible Sound Quality
A keyboard's most important feature is its sound. And to satisfy the discriminating ears of professional musicians, the 9000 Pro is loaded with 48MB of rich and dynamic voices that you absolutely must hear to believe. Choose from over 800 voices, including powerful stereo-sampled "Live!" Drum Kits and "Live!" Voices, bright and flashy "Cool!" Voices and beautiful new acoustic Sweet Voices. The Organ Flutes of the 9000 Pro use Modeling Technology to digitally simulate the original instrument. Also stored in the 9000 Pro's wave memory is a full set of Yamaha XG MIDI voices, so you can be assured that XG and General MIDI sequences will sound their absolute best.

Pro-formance – Special Features for Professionals
Designed with the professional musician in mind, the 9000 Pro is packed with powerful features for the studio and stage. Four fully programmable One Touch Settings per style, a huge Music Database and a large Registration Memory allow you to recall your favorite keyboard settings at the touch of a button, while the Disk Direct function eliminates having to wait for songs and styles to load. A large LCD screen and a convenient Direct Access button make navigating through functions and menus easier and quicker than ever. Two Connection Sockets are provided for the attachment of optional Gooseneck Lamps.

Expandability – Unprecedented Expansion Capability
The 9000 Pro offers unprecedented expansion capability. Yamaha's new synthesizer expansion boards. let you add more synthesizer power to your keyboard, giving you new voices, new synthesizer architecture and extra polyphony. Onboard sampling RAM can be increased up to 65MB, while an internal hard disk of up to 8GB can be added for storing voices, styles, songs and setups. A fast SCSI terminal is also provided, to which you can connect an external storage device, such as a Zip® drive or a Jaz® drive. And to accommodate a wide range of setup environments, the 9000 Pro is equipped with a multitude of connection terminals, including video output, dual MIDI In/Out ports, PC keyboard input, four individual audio output jacks, direct computer connection and more.

Live Voices
Ultra expressive "Live!" Voices use stereo samples to ensure the most accurate reproduction of each instrument's natural presence, resonance and vibrato. New additions to the 9000 Pro include a beautiful Grand Piano, brilliant Brass and rich Allegro Strings. "Live!" Drum Kits feature dynamic sampling – up to four layers of samples, each set at a different velocity – as well as extra-long sampling times to deliver striking realism. Three new "Live!" kits have been added to the 9000 Pro: Cuban and Pop Latin Percussion kits, which feature multi-variations of percussive sounds such as tips, heels and slaps, and a fantastic newly sampled Brush kit.

Cool Voices
A full-bodied Jazz Guitar, a chunky Vintage Guitar, a lively Jazz Organ – These and other "Cool!" Voices are the perfect ingredient to spice up your music. Featuring long samples, these new voices of electrically amplified instruments capture all the dynamics, warmth and harmonic content of the original instrument. As a result, they deliver a rich and expressive sound that's sure to inspire your musical creativity.

Sweet Voices
You won't believe your ears when you hear the remarkably realistic Muted Trumpet, Fluegelhorn and other voices in the "Sweet Voice" family. These specially designed voices reproduce all the natural expression and vibrato of their respective acoustic instruments. Of course, the standard voices of the 9000 Pro are just as outstanding, including a newly added Distorted Latin Guitar and Hawaiian Guitar, as well as a Steirisch Accordion, Pedal Steel Guitar, Arabic Drum Kit and dynamic Synthesizers and Electric Pianos.

Digitally Modeled Vintage Organ Voice
The 9000 Pro uses advanced digital modeling technology to recreate the legendary sounds of vintage jazz and rock organs. Using 91 independently oscillating voices to simulate the rotating tone generation wheels found in some classic organs, the 9000 Pro delivers one of the most accurate organ reproductions to date. On-screen virtual tone bars let you adjust the footage settings in realtime, just as on an original.

A Complete Selection of Accompaniment Styles
Even if you play a diverse range of musical genres, you'll find just the accompaniments you need in the 9000 Pro. Over 100 preset styles, from basic 8- and 16-beat and standard big band styles to contemporary hits and hot Latin beats, are provided – all of which have been arranged and programmed by top professional musicians. For even greater variety, each style has 4 Main Variations, 3 Intros, 3 Endings, 4 Fill-ins and 1 Break Fill. In additional, 4 fully customizable One-Touch Settings are provided for each style.

Customizable Flash Styles
On top of its wide selection of preset styles, the 9000 Pro provides 1.8MB of flash memory for you to store your own style-sequences as well as those imported from Yamaha Style File disks. The Groove and Dynamics function lets you precisely control subtle aspects of a style's groove, allowing you to effortlessly transform a 16-beat ballad into the latest dance beat.

Vocal Harmony
The 9000 Pro is equipped with a professional Vocal Harmony function, which transposes your voice in realtime, allowing you to back up your singing performance with stunning 4-part harmony (including your original voice). Have a choir provide more depth and emotion to your next ballad. Expand your singing range with the unique Gender function. In addition to ambient reverbs and lush choruses, a vast selection of dedicated vocal effects are provided, including 85 types of insertion effects, noise gate, compressor and 3-band EQ. A 1/4-inch-compatible XLR mic input is provided to accommodate a professional-grade microphone.

Top-Quality Onboard Effects
Yamaha has long been a world leader in digital signal processing technology. In fact, Yamaha professional audio products are found in most professional recording studios around the world. The 9000 Pro takes full advantage of this know-how, giving you an extensive range of top-quality digital effects, including 29 reverb types, 25 chorus types and five blocks of 164 insertion effects ranging from spacious delays to cutting-edge distortion. Also provided are combination effects and an amazingly realistic rotary speaker effect.

126 Notes of Polyphony
Polyphony, the number of notes a keyboard is capable of playing simultaneously, is like the horsepower of a car – the more there is, the more power you have. And when sequencing complex arrangements with multi-layered chords, even the conventional 64 notes of polyphony featured on most other music workstations can run out quickly. The 9000 Pro, however, features 126 notes of polyphony, so you can freely play sustained scales over note-intensive rhythms and chords without worrying about note dropout. Need more polyphony than that? No problem. By simply installing optional Plug-in Boards, you get extra polyphony AND more superb quality voices!

Sampling Capability
Not only is the 9000 Pro a great-sounding synthesizer, it's also a high-performance sampler! Featuring 16-bit 44.1kHz mono sampling capability, the 9000 Pro lets you capture literally any sound via its mic/line input. You can also import AIFF or WAV files, giving you the support of a large library of sounds. The keyboard is equipped with 1MB of sampling RAM, which can be expanded to 65MB (using two 32MB SIMMs) for an enormous sampling time of 12 minutes and 52 seconds at the highest quality setting.