Yamaha AW1600 Professional Audio Workstation

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha AW1600 Professional Audio Workstation

Yamaha's groundbreaking AW16G and AW4416 digital audio workstations not only brought the "studio in a box" concept directly to musicians – they also provided immedidate access to inspiration and creativity. That legacy continues with the introduction of the AW1600 and AW2400 workstations. The AW1600 and AW2400 have everything needed to record your music anytime, anywhere in compact, road-worthy designs. The AW1600 adds many features to the award winning AW16G while maintaining the same affordability. These new features include 8 combo inputs (all with Phantom power), USB 2.0 drag and drop capabilities for moving files onto your computer, 24-bit recording and a new Pitch Fix algorithm for correcting the pitch of vocal tracks.

The Mobile Musician's Recording Studio
If you're a musician on the move – or with limited "studio" space – you'll want maximum audio workstation performance and functionality with minimum size, weight, and setup hassles. The AW1600 proves extraordinary music production power in a remarkably compact, all-in-one unit that can take you all the way from inspiration to finished CD.

AW1600 Main Features Title

* 8-input/16-track system records top-quality uncompressed 16-bit or 24-bit audio at 44.1kHz (8 tracks when recording 24 bit audio).
* 8 virtual tracks per physical track (18 x 8 in 16-bit mode) provide plenty of capacity for alternate takes.
* Substantial 40-gigabyte high-speed 3.5" hard disk provides plenty of internal storage as well as fast, reliable recording and playback performance.
* Built-in CD-RW drive lets you burn original audio CDs that can be played on any standard CD player, as well as make reliable CD data backups.
* High-performance 24-bit A/D and D/A converters guarantee outstanding audio quality.
* 4-band EQ and versatile dynamics processing on all mixer inputs and recorder tracks.
* Eight combo XLR/TRS microphone/line inputs, with switchable phantom power for all connectors
* Hi-Z mono phone jack on input 8 for direct guitar input.
* Quick loop sampler with preset rhythm phrases.
* Sound Clip function makes it simple to record short audio samples or memos.
* Two high-performance assignable effect processors provide a range of ambience, modulation, mastering, and even guitar effects.
* Pitch Fix function allows precise vocal pitch correction.
* USB 2.0 interface provides fast data transfer between the AW1600 and a computer for effective data management.
* Data compatibility with the Yamaha AW4416, AW2816, and AW16G audio workstations.

Up To 8 Inputs, 16 Tracks
The AW1600 mixer supports up to 8 simultaneous inputs. Eight balanced mic/line XLR type connectors as well as eight balanced or unbalanced TRS phone jacks are provided in "combo connectors" on the rear panel for direct input. You can even record 8 tracks simultaneously for convenient one-take ensemble recording.

For 16-bit recording and playback the AW1600 recorder section offers a total of 16 tracks, or 8 tracks for 24-bit recording and playback. You also have 8 virtual tracks per physical track – that's 18 (16 + stereo) x 8 in 16-bit mode or 10 (8 + stereo) x 8 in 24-bit mode) – that provide plenty of capacity for alternate takes or arrangements. Any of the mixer's inputs can be easily patched to any of the recorder's tracks for maximum recording flexibility.

Acclaimed Yamaha Effects for Recording, Mixing and Mastering
You'll find Yamaha digital signal processing gear in most of the best studios around the world… and you'll find it in the AW1600. There's no need for external effects processors when you have a stunning range of top-class effects built right in! In fact there are two independent effect processors with corresponding sends and returns so you'll have enough processing power on hand for just about any situation. In addition to a large selection of reverb, delay, modulation, and pitch type effects, the AW1600 include an outstanding range of effects designed specifically for instruments and vocals. There are amp-simulator based guitar effects complete with speaker simulation that let you get great guitar sound without having to actually mic a guitar amplifier. Acoustic guitar hasn't been forgotten, either. You also have effects designed specifically to give you superior bass and vocal sound by simply recalling and tweaking the appropriate preset.

The AW1600 also includes a range of Mastering Effects that provide compression and limiting presets that can help to bring the sound of your overall mix up to professional level prior to burning your tracks to CD.