Yamaha CBXK1 MIDI Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha CBXK1 MIDI Keyboard

Part of the Hello Music System

Basic Functions
Octave Shift (+/-4 octaves), Pitch Bend, Assignable Control, Midi merge (Midi In)

Midi Data Functions
Sequencer control, Midi clock, Bank Select, Program Change, GM System On, XG System On, GM-B Reset, Control Change, All Sound Off, Reset All Controllers, and others.

Assignable Parameters Functions
Transpose (+/- 12 semitones), Midi Transmit Channel, Fixed Velocity, Touch Sensitivity, Device Number, merge On/Off (each channel)

Keyboard: 37 mini key keyboard (C2-C5), velocity responsive.
Panel Controls and Indicators: Shift button, Octave shift left arrow/ right arrow buttons and lamps, Pitch Wheel, Assignable Wheel, Power On/ Off switch
Input/Output Terminals: Midi In, Midi Out, DC In
Power Supply: Yamaha PA-3 or PA-1B AC Power Adaptor (sold separately), or six "AA" size, Sum-3, R-6 or equivalent batteries (sold separately).
Power Consumption: Approximately 35 mA (with battery use); approximately 2 W (with AC adaptor use).
Dimensions W/D/H: 509 x 155 x 55 mm (20-1/16" x 6-1/8" x 2-3/16")
Weight (without batteries): 1.3 kg (2 lbs., 14 oz.)