Yamaha CBXK2 MIDI Keyboard Controller

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha CBXK2 MIDI Keyboard Controller

Full Featured
The full-featured CBXK2 gives you complete control over your MIDI music environment. It's portable, but it also boasts a velocity-sensitive, full-size, 49-key keyboard, and a convenient, easy-to-understand LED display. The CBXK2 is exceptionally versatile as well, featuring a Pitch Bend wheel, and two assignable controllers (Wheel and Slider) that provide compehensive MIDI control. You can even connect a footswitch to control various functions.

Assignable Wheel and Slider
With the Assignable Wheel and Slider, you can expressively change virtually any aspect of the sound on a connected tone generator. Other MIDI controls let you start and stop a connected sequencer, select songs, change tempo, select different voice banks and voices, and much, much more. Fully compatible with GM, XG, and the brilliant new Yamaha MU100R Tone Generator, the CBXK2 is the only keyboard you need to take full control of your music!

Portable Music System – Live and Recording
In this simple system, the CBXK2 plays the sounds of the QY70. The CBXK2 is perfect for live performance, because it's light, small, easy to use, and – with the velocity-sensitive, full-size keys – easy to play. Since the QY70 also features a built-in sequencer, you can use the CBXK2 to record (instead of the tiny micro keys on the QY70), entering musical parts and recording expressive changes to your music. What's more, the CBXK2 even runs on battery power.

Small, Desktop Music System
Because the CBXK2 packs such a wealth of performance and control features into an amazingly compact package, it's a natural for desktop music production. The CBXK2 can be used with any MIDI tone generator; however, with its MU100R Voice Map control and full XG-format implementation, it's a perfect match for the Yamaha MU100R Tone Generator. Use the versatile Assignable Wheel and Slider on the CBXK2 to expressively "tweak" a wide variety of sound and effect paramenters in real time.

Record to the Computer
Record your Wheel/Slider moves to the computer, to craft luscious, complex sonic textures you never dreamed possible before!

MIDI Project Studio
The CBXK2 is an ideal master keyboard and all-purpose MIDI controller for larger project studios as well. Integrated into a computer-based MIDI system – including the Yamaha MD8 Multitract MD Recorder and Yamaha A3000 Professional Sampler – the CBXK2 can be used to control various sequencer functions and settings.

MIDI Merge Function
The MIDI Merge function gives you enormous flexibility when routing the CBXK2 in your MIDI system. No other MIDI keyboard gives you such a comprehensive range of control features in such a portable easy-to-use instrument!