Yamaha CLP-220 Clavinova Digital Pianos

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha CLP-220 Clavinova Digital Pianos

The Beauty of the Grand
The sound is unmistakable. At the same time both beautifully simple and gorgeously complex, the sound of an acoustic grand piano is immediately recognizable. The new CLP Series Clavinovas elegantly capture the sound of the piano in all of its natural grandeur and beauty. Featuring both improved piano voices and newly revamped built-in speaker systems for authentic reproduction, these new instruments deliver the rich grand piano sound everyone knows and loves. The GH keyboard technology gives these instruments (CLP-220, 220C, 220M) exceptional playability and expressiveness, while the stylish design and attractive exterior reflect the true sonic beauty within.

Authentic Sound and Natural Touch - A Fine Musical Addition To Any Home

An instrument that inspires you with every note you play.

• Polished Ebony (CLP-220PE), Dark Rosewood (CLP-220), Mahogany (CLP-220M), Cherry (CLP-220C)
• GH Keyboard
• Stereo Sampling AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation
• 30 Sampling Banks
• 10 voices
• 64-note polyphony (Max.)
• Dual
• Digital Reverb, Chorus/Effect (Preset Only)
• 1-track song recorder
• Internal Flash ROM for song memory
• 20W x 2 amplifier
• Metronome
• 3 foot pedals — Damper, Sostenuto, Soft
• Sliding key cover
• Folding music rest
• Dual headphone jacks and headphone hanger
• 50 built-in demonstration piano songs with sheet music

AWM Tone Generation
Like previous models, these new Yamaha Clavinovas boast AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation for the ultimate in instrument realism.

Selection of Voices, Choice of Finishes
Besides new piano samples, you get a choice of other stereo-sampled musical instrument sounds to perform with. And thanks to enlarged memory, these sounds are better than ever, providing added realism for more music playing enjoyment. But Yamaha Clavinovas aren’t designed just for sound — they also feature an attractive, elegant finish to complement the room you place it in..

The CLP-220 offers a choice of three finishes, to more closely match your decor.

Music Book
Sheet music for the built-in demonstration songs is included with all the new Clavinova 200 Series.