Yamaha CLP-270 Clavinova Digital Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha CLP-270 Clavinova Digital Piano

The Beauty of the Grand
The sound is unmistakable. At the same time both beautifully simple and gorgeously complex, the sound of an acoustic grand piano is immediately recognizable. The new CLP Series Clavinovas elegantly capture the sound of the piano in all of its natural grandeur and beauty. Featuring both improved piano voices and newly revamped built-in speaker systems for authentic reproduction, these new instruments deliver the rich grand piano sound everyone knows and loves. Two different keyboard technologies – Natural Wood (CLP-280) and GH3 (CLP-270/240/230) – give these instruments exceptional playability and expressiveness, while the stylish design and attractive exterior reflect the true sonic beauty within.

Remarkable Playability and True Piano Sound

• Dark Rosewood (CLP-270), Mahogany (CLP-270M), Cherry (CLP-270C)
• GH3 Keyboard
• New 4-level Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation
• Stereo Sustain Samples, Key-Off Samples and String Resonance
• 50 Sampling Banks
• New iAFC (Instrumental Active Field Control) System
• 38 + 480 XG voices
• 128-note polyphony (Max.)
• PC interface (USB To HOST)
• Split, Dual
• Digital Reverb, Chorus, Brilliance
• 16-track song recorder
• Internal Flash ROM for song memory
• USB TO DEVICE for data storage
• 7 temperaments
• 60W x 2 + 20W x 2 amplifier
• Metronome with 5 language counts
• 3 foot pedals – Damper with half pedal effect, Sostenuto and Soft
• Sliding key cover
• Folding music rest with music clips
• Dual headphone jacks and headphone hanger
• 50 built-in demonstration piano songs with sheet music

True piano feel

More than any other keyboard, the Clavinova reproduces the experience of playing an actual grand piano. Thanks to the GH3 (Graded Hammer Effect 3) technology, the new keyboard provides the characteristic weight balance between key and hammer, and features weight gradations of the keys – heavy in the lower end, light in the upper keys. With two velocity sensors, it even lets you use techniques previously possible only on a real grand piano, such as playing the same note repeatedly with perfect articulation.

iAFC (Instrumental Active Field Control)
Yamaha developed this advanced technology to bring you even more performance enjoyment. It outputs sound picked up by built-in microphones together with the Clavinova's internal sound through rear speakers, making automatic adjustments to create a richer sound that best matches the acoustic characteristics of the room you're playing in. It also uses signal processing to reproduce an authentic damper effect.

You'll notice the difference the two types of iAFC make as soon as you start playing.

Spatial Effect (SE) (CLP-280 / 270)
Spatial Effect creates a sense of spaciousness and enhances the acoustic realism by picking up the external sound using built-in microphones and outputting the sound from the rear speaker of the instrument.

Dynamic Damper Effect (DDE) (CLP-280 / 270)
DDE recreates the subtle resonances that occur when you press the damper pedal down on a grand piano. Instead of using the microphone, it does this by sending a discrete set of samples out the rear speakers to create a clear sense of depth.

AWM Tone Generation and New Piano Samples
Like previous models, these new Yamaha Clavinovas boast AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation for the ultimate in instrument realism. And to assure a warmer, more natural, even more captivating sound, the CLP-280/270/240 also feature new DSS (Dynamic Stereo Sampling) piano samples. Taken at different levels from loud to soft, these new samples provide subtle differences in volume and timbre depending on how you play the keys … resulting in the ultimate in responsiveness. In addition, the CLP-280/270/240 offer Stereo Sustain and Key-Off samples. Stereo Sustain samples recreate the resonances of the strings and soundboard when the damper pedal is pressed that contribute to the unique sound of a grand piano. Key-Off samples provide the delicate sound keys make when they are released for another touch of realism.

To take you even closer to authentic grand piano performance pleasure, the CLP-280/270 come with String Resonance samples to provide the complex resonances that make an acoustic grand piano sound so rich and full.

Newly Designed Built-in Speaker Systems
The true sound of the Clavinova is only as good as the sound that reaches your ears. That's why we've invested an extra amount of time and effort into enhancing the speaker systems of these instruments. The CLP-280/270 features a new three-way system for a richer, better-defined midrange – so important in the reproduction of the acoustic grand piano.

Selection of Voices, Choice of Finishes
Besides new piano samples, you get a choice of other stereo-sampled musical instrument sounds to perform with. And thanks to enlarged memory, these sounds are better than ever, providing added realism for more music playing enjoyment. But Yamaha Clavinovas aren't designed just for sound – they also feature an attractive, elegant finish to complement the room you place it in.

The CLP-270 offers a choice of three finishes, to more closely match your decor.

USB Connectivity
Stay connected! The CLP-280/270/240 are the first Clavinovas to feature both USB TO HOST and TO DEVICE terminals, conveniently located on the front panel for easy access. This means that you can connect to a computer (TO HOST), and take advantage of the vast possibilities in computer music, and hook up to your favorite USB storage device (TO DEVICE) for storing your valuable song data – all at the same time.

Handy Music Rest
All the new Clavinovas come with a folding music rest and a headphone hanger. For extra convenience, some Clavinovas also feature music clips for securing music books and scores (Music Clips available on CLP-295GP/265GP/280/270/240).

Music Book
Sheet music for the built-in demonstration songs is included with all the new Clavinova 200 Series.