Yamaha CVP-309GP Clavinova Digital Piano

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha CVP-309GP Clavinova Digital Piano

With its gorgeous, realistic sounds and beautiful elegant appearance, the new CVP-309GP provides all the musical enjoyment of a real grand piano – and more!

The incredibly natural voices and dynamic styles deliver truly professional quality sound, while the advanced, comprehensive features – including Internet connectivity and full song recording/playback functions – make this one of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use musical instruments youll ever lay your hands on.

Moreover, the CVP-309-GP radiates the impressive, commanding presence of a grand piano. Featuring both a finely finished grand piano style polished ebony cabinet and a new fallboard that incorporates the panel controls inside, this new instrument looks every bit as good as it sounds. Just one touch and you'll understand… why it's truly grand!!

Natural Wood Keyboard for an authentic grand piano feel
The new CVP-309GP utilizes the exclusive Natural Wood Keyboard feature, with real wood keys and sophisticated technology that faithfully reproduces the experience of playing an actual acoustic grand piano. From the natural, balanced weight and key mass to the authentic wood touch and feel – including rounded key tips and other genuine key shape features – this new keyboard has a playability and expressiveness that goes beyond anything ever available in an electronic instrument. The sound response varies according to velocity and key position (low notes having a slightly delayed response), and the characteristic weight gradations of the keys – heavy in the lower end, light in the upper keys – make you feel as if you're playing a real grand piano.

State-of-the-art technology delivers authentic sound

Exceptionally realistic AWM tone generation
The heart of the Clavinova's voices is in the AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) tone generation technology – providing instrumental sounds of amazing realism and depth. The piano voices in particular benefit from the new Dynamic Stereo Sampling (DSS) system, which features recordings of differently played dynamics – from loud to soft – in order to fully capture the varying nuances in timbre and tone of a grand piano. Stereo Sustain Samples recreate the unique resonance of the strings and soundboard of a real grand piano when the damper pedal is pressed, while Key-off samples include the characteristic sound that occurs when a key is released and the dampers fall back onto the strings.

iAFC (Instrumental Active Field Control)
This sophisticated technology puts you and your performance center stage – creating a richer, warmer and more spacious sonic environment. Using built-in microphones, iAFC picks up the sound and combines it with the Clavinova's internal sound through the rear speakers, making automatic adjustments in real time to enhance the sound and match the acoustic characteristics of the room you're playing in.

Three advanced iAFC technologies
# Dynamic Damper Effect (DDE)
DDE delivers discretely sampled overtones, harmonics and resonance from the rear speakers to recreate the warm spacious sound that occurs when holding down the damper pedal on a grand piano.

# Spatial Ensemble Effect (SEE)
This uses advanced signal processing to recreate the natural reverberation and resonance you would hear if playing a grand piano on a real stage. When playing with another musician or singer, the effect utilizes the built-in microphones to enhance the atmosphere and ambience of your duet performance.

# Natural Soundboard (NSB)
The physical soundboard of a grand piano is one of its largest and most important sonic parts. This effect uses the built-in microphones to create a virtual soundboard producing a rich, expansive, and more natural sound.

Mega Voice technology
To enhance the playback of your recorded songs and the built-in accompaniment styles, the Clavinova features Yamaha's groundbreaking Mega Voice technology. Each Mega Voice not only has the fundamental tone of the original instrument, but also the various playing techniques and performance sounds – such as finger slides and fret noise on guitar voices – giving the sound incredible realism and expressiveness. The bundled CD-ROM includes the MEGAEnhancer, a software tool for automatically converting sequenced song data enabling it to take advantage of the Mega Voice capabilities.

Create your own CDs!
The CVP-309GP is an ideal instrument for writing your music and creating your own arrangements. With the built-in Optical Out terminal, it also lets you send the digital audio of your music to another device for recording. For example, you can plug directly into the digital input of a conventional audio CD burner or use the optional UW10 USB-Audio Interface* to transfer your creations to a computer, via a simple USB connection. Then using a computer and conventional CD burning software, make customized CDs of your songs and performances!

# Extra-large, full-color LCD gives you an at-a-glance view of all important settings – and provides easy-to-read display of the convenient Score and Lyrics features.
# Amazingly authentic, dynamic Sweet!, Live!, Cool! And Natural! Voices make your performances more expressive and powerful than ever.
# Performance assistant technology gives you the tools to automatically make great sounding music – even if you've never played an instrument before!
# Karaoke feature makes for perfect sing-along fun with your family and friends.
# Automatic accompaniment functions put an entire backing band at your disposal – covering virtually every musical genre and making you sound like a pro!
# Comprehensive yet easy-to-use song playback and recording features – giving you over 100 popular songs in the built-in Song Book, plus the ability to record your own masterpieces.

Connect to the Internet – right from your Clavinova!
Log onto Yamaha's special website – without a computer! With the Internet Direct Connection feature, you can directly access the Internet from the LCD display of your Clavinova and download styles or your favorite song files directly into the keyboard. These songs files are then available for your immediate use!

An appropriate Internet connection and network is necessary for the Internet Direct Connection feature. (A dial-up connection cannot be used for this feature.)