Yamaha DC5M4PRO Disklavier PRO Grand Piano

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Yamaha DC5M4PRO Disklavier PRO Grand Piano

Where the Rare Masterpieces Begin
A New Age of Advancements for Supreme Playback and Recording
Merging state-of-the-art technology into professional-caliber Yamaha grands, the Disklavier PRO™ Series delivers the ultimate in power, precision, and control for a new era of musical opportunities. With advanced components and technologies – including a Sound Muting System, XG instrument tone generation, MIDI and PC connections, a SmartKey™ play-assist system, expanded memory, and a newly added pocket remote control – the Disklavier PRO Series outperforms previous models with incomparable versatility, providing a high-performance solution for studios, institutions, and today's most discerning musicians.

Superior Yamaha Development and Design
Engineered to the exacting standards of professional music production, the Disklavier PRO Series is designed with greater emphasis on leading-edge sensor and playback technologies for unsurpassed digital/acoustic performance. Offering paramount performance for professional-level recording and reproduction, these instruments are ideal for applications ranging from recording and music broadcasting to conservatory study and film scoring.

Definitive Technology Transforms the Disklavier for Professional Performance
High-Performance Grayscale Hammer Sensor
With the world's first continual-detection optical hammer sensor, Yamaha delivers the most accurate system available for keyboard performance reproduction. Grayscale hammer sensors continuously trace hammer speed and position with extreme precision, while grayscale key sensors meticulously record key speed, depth, and release speed – registering even the subtle motion of keys touched only for harmonic value or to ease a fingering transition.

Servo Control System for Unprecedented Playback
Setting the highest standards of accuracy in acoustic reproduction, the servo control system monitors the precise movement of each key, recreating every detail of the original performance faithfully. Using feedback between sensor and drive system components under the command of specially developed LSI microprocessors, the servo control virtually eliminates any speed or timing deviations, while built-in calibration ensures consistently perfect playback. This allows for a previously unattainable slow return of the keys and delicate pianissimo.

Ultra-Large Internal Music Storage Capacity
Store hundreds of hours of music with room left over for loading audio CDs. The Disklavier PRO's vast internal memory gives you an excessive amount of space for archiving your performances, loading floppy disks, or storing your audio CD collection internally. Virtually every MIDI song file ever created for the Disklavier PRO could be loaded and stored inside. So play, perform, and record freely, knowing you've got loads of storage space to take advantage of.

Versatile Connections for a World of Possibilities
MIDI and computer interfaces add power and versatility for connecting to a wide range of external equipment. One main "Input/Output" Center is your portal to a whole new dimension of performance possibilities, providing easy connection to TVs, cameras, home networks, and various audio and music equipment. No matter what your particular needs are, the I/O Center makes it easy to get connected.

Yamaha's Unsurpassed XG Tone Generator
The XG tone generator produces a vastly expanded voice set for unsurpassed musical expression. With hundreds of high-quality digital voices conveniently accessible from the control panel, integrating instrumental sounds with your piano recording is easy. Enhancing more than piano performance, the XG tone generator also makes it possible to reproduce fully orchestrated piano/ ensemble concerts through headphones or your own amplified speakers.

Inspiring Musical Creativity with Superior Performance and Recording Applications
The Ultimate in Performance Recording and Playback
The Disklavier PRO introduces a whole new platform for musical creativity and personal development with performance recording that not only captures and recreates precision audio playback, but enables synchronized video playback of your performance as well. With Yamaha's PianoSmart™ technology, recording audio and video performance is as easy as connecting a standard video camcorder to the Disklavier PRO's I/O Center, making it possible to then play back your performance on the Disklavier PRO and a standard TV monitor simultaneously.

Expanded Horizons in Music Learning
With the Disklavier PRO's remarkable versatility, not only does practice make perfect, but now "playback" can make perfect too. You can record and play back your own performance to identify problem areas and improve your technique, including checking form and finger placement, or even keep a video record of your student's progress, your child's, or your own. Monitoring student progress is easier and more convenient than ever. Simply record a student's performance, play back and evaluate it at a later time, and then provide meaningful feedback while the student watches and listens as their actual performance is recreated on the Disklavier PRO and video at the same time. Also, students can practice and observe while the Disklavier PRO generates precise piano sound and key movement in sync with their teacher's video performance or lessons. Even for a collaborative piece with a different musical instrument, a student can see the pianist on video while they accompany the Disklavier PRO's synchronized performance. It's that simple.

Music on Command with IDC and Disklavier™ Mark IV
From the latest tunes to the most cherished classics, Internet Direct Connection (IDC) puts all the songs you want to listen to right at your fingertips. IDC allows you to connect your Disklavier directly to the Internet, giving you access to special Disklavier network services. You can select DisklavierRadio to stream broadcasts, DisklavierMusicStore to preview, purchase, and download songs, or Network Update to receive product updates. With IDC and the Disklavier Mark IV, you'll always be just a stream or a download away from your very own command performance!

DisklavierRadio: The Power of Streaming
With IDC, the Disklavier Mark IV functions as a radio by streaming songs. DisklavierRadio subscribers can choose from among more than 10 music channels. And piano selections played on the Disklavier truly resonate when instrumental accompaniment is streamed through Disklavier speakers.

DisklavierMusicStore: A Multitude of Tunes
The DisklavierMusicStore has something for everyone. IDC delivers a comprehensive collection of song titles, conveniently organized by genre, to the Disklavier pocket remote control for downloading without using a PC*! Thousands of titles to choose from make the search for a tune as much fun as the find. Thirty-second previews let you audition songs before making your selection. And purchasing and downloading can be done by individual song or by album to suit your needs. Search, preview, purchase, and download – it's just that easy!

The Sounds and Sights of Music
While the Disklavier Mark IV is known for appeasing the ears, with PianoSoft•Plus Graphics, it can also appeal to the eyes. Images corresponding to tunes being played on the Disklavier piano can be displayed on any available monitor, providing visual accompaniment to your musical moments.

* IDC can be added to currently owned models of Disklavier Mark IV by upgrading the firmware installed in the hardware.
* A monthly fee is required for streaming services.
* A fee is charged for DisklavierRadio download services in accordance with the amount downloaded.
* DisklavierRadio is currently available only in the U.S.

Play Along in Perfect Sync with Audio Performances
Thanks to Yamaha's PianoSmart™ technology, you can seamlessly synchronize recording and playback with standard audio CDs. Any CD track that corresponds to a Smart PianoSoft™ title is automatically ready to play along with on the Disklavier PRO. So choose a CD of a world-class Yamaha artist playing the piano and watch the Disklavier PRO match the piano performance with the CD. You can simply sit back and enjoy the performance as it is recreated on the Disklavier PRO, or play along and record your performance for perfectly synchronized playback later.

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