Yamaha DD20C Electronic Drum Kit

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha DD20C Electronic Drum Kit

It's a Touch Sensitive…
The DD20C features 4 Touch Sensitive drum pads. A heavier touch will create a louder sound, a lighter touch will give you a softer one. That means that the DD20C will respond like an acoustic drum – with expressive music.

What would you like to play? This little beauty runs the gamut with over 50 assignable PCM voices. In addition there are 10 percussion sets (9 pre-set and 1 assignable), 100 PCM rhythm patterns, and 3 types of Auto-Roll.

Need a little something more? The DD20C also features 4 sound effect pads that play 16 different effects. Give yourself a round of Applause or make the Dog bark … it's up to you!

Get into the Groove
Tempo control with Tap Start means that you just give a tap and off you go! Press the Tap Start button, tap the pad 3 or four times to set the tempo, and you're jammin'!

The Little things that Count:

* It's the Fact, Jack – The DD20C features jacks for an A/C adapter and headphones (so you can jam without waking the neighbors!)
* Speaker – the DD20C has a built-in speaker for great sound.
* Drum Sticks – We've included the drum sticks, so you're ready to go straight away!