Yamaha DD35 Lighted Digital Drum System

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha DD35 Lighted Digital Drum System

The new Yamaha DD35 brings an exciting feature to digital drums: guide lamps. Digital keyboards have long used guide lamps to help novices play the right notes at the right time. (Yamaha has been a leader in this technology.) Now, aspiring drummers get the same assistance. The DD35 takes full advantage of this feature with built-in activities using the lighted rings around the drum pads to make the DD35 fun and educational. The pads can be used with drum sticks or hands.

* 4 Lighted, Touch-sensitive Drum Pads to Aid the Aspiring Drummer
* Cool New Ergonomic Design
* 128 Drum and Other Percussion Voices Assignable to Any Pad
* Hand Percussion Mode Adds Realism to Playing with Hands.
* Drum Games Using Lighted Pads
* Tempo Control Using Tap Start
* Built-in Speaker
* 100 Built-in Songs to Play Along With
* 2 Digit LED Display
* Headphone Jack for Private Practice (Headphones Optional)
* Drum Sticks Included