Yamaha DD55C Digital Percussion

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha DD55C Digital Percussion

The new Yamaha DD55C marks a transition to a more professional and versatile digital-drumming instrument. New stereo-sampled voices, a bass boost system and digital stereo processing give the DD55C an irresistible, thundering beat. And with the addition of adjustable pad sensitivity, you can pound out a spicy Latin rhythm with your hands. With its powerful features, this is no mere toy, although anyone can enjoy it.

* 7 Touch-Sensitive Drum Pads Allow Expressive Playing
* Tempo Control Using Tap Start
* Hand percussion with New latin Drums Allows Playing with Hands
* 174 Percussion Voices Assignable to Any Pad
* Two Assignable Foot Pedals Included, for Kick, Hi-Hat or Any Other Voice
* 100 Built-in Rhythm Styles to Accompany Your Playing
* 50 Programmed Drum Kits
* One User Programmable Drum Kit to Store a Favorite Setup
* Reverb and Chorus Effects Built Into Voices
* Large 3-Digit LED Shows Selection
* General MIDI
* MIDI In/Out for Computer Connectivity
* Headphone Jack
* Stereo Speakers with Bass Port Provide Great Sound Quality