Yamaha DGB1CD Playback Grand Piano

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Yamaha DGB1CD Playback Grand Piano

Outstanding pianos and sophisticated musical entertainment systems in one!
An intelligent alternative for those who simply enjoy playing or listening, these Disklavier baby grands are both fine acoustic pianos and superb piano/ensemble entertainment systems, with all of the versatile playback features of the Mark III Full-Function Grands.

Yamaha Disklavier, which made its debut back in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated digital electronics for faithfully reproducing beautiful piano performances. Since that time, these computer-age 'player' pianos have evolved into instruments of truly remarkable capabilities. They can reproduce not only 'live' acoustic piano concerts, but ensemble music with instrumental and vocal tracks as well. They allow you to connect to the world of musical opportunities offered by MIDI devices, personal computers and the Internet. Their unique combination of acoustic excellence and digital versatility has made them an increasingly popular choice of pianists, educators and music-lovers worldwide.

Today, Yamaha is proud to introduce the latest evolution of the Disklavier line, integrating a host of new acoustic advances and cutting-edge digital developments. Most models now play audio/MIDI CDs as well as floppy disks and feature built in stereo amplifiers and speakers, making them superb, self contained musical entertainment centers. Revolutionary new PianoSmart™ features make it possible to synchronize piano recording and playback with standard audio CDs.

DGB1CD Features
Along with the standard capabilities of the Mark III Series Playback Grands, the DGB1CD also incorporates several additional features.

* Integrated CD Drive
The CD drive lets you enjoy an extended range of Disklavier software, including discs with audio vocal and instrumental tracks, or play your audio CDs through the Disklavier sound system.
* PianoSmart™ technology
A new breakthrough in Disklavier technology, the PianoSmart system lets you enjoy Disklavier playback perfectly matched with popular music CDs.

Disklavier™ Mark III Series Playback Grands

* Auto-playback functions
* New compact control unit with CD and floppy drives
* New PianoSmart™ audio synchronization only
* Built-in amplified stereo speaker system
* XG instrumental tone generator
* Abundant memory and programming features
* Direct computer interface
* MIDI and AUX connections
* Yamaha acoustic piano quality and performance

Faithful playback
Disklavier pianos can reproduce a piano performance on their own keys and strings, as if the original pianist were right there at the keyboard. A variety of versatile playback controls provide added flexibility. You can adjust the playback volume to a level that you prefer, change the tempo without altering the pitch, transpose the performance into other keys without affecting the tempo, or repeat any selection-as often as you like. And the wireless remote control unit gives you complete command over Disklavier performance from virtually anywhere in the room.

Now with an expanded range of hardware- and software-enabled playback capabilities!

More than a piano – a complete entertainment system!
In addition to offering all the traditional attributes of Yamaha acoustic pianos, Disklavier pianos can also play themselves, providing exciting musical entertainment at any time, with or without a pianist. Equipped with a newly designed control unit featuring a built-in CD player and a Yamaha XG tone generator with nearly 700 instrumental voices, Disklavier Mark III Series grands can reproduce vocal parts and the sound of other instruments in conjunction with the piano. This makes it possible for you to host fully orchestrated Disklavier performances with up to 16 piano and ensemble parts. Simply choose from the wide variety of Disklavier software – now available on CDs as well as floppy disks – to experience 'live' concerts by many of the world's best-known classical, jazz and popular artists, as well as a wide range of titles recorded by top studio musicians.

Versatile functions for a wide range of applications
Combining the tone and touch of a Yamaha piano with an astonishing range of digitally enhanced capabilities, Disklavier pianos provide a truly unparalleled entertainment and creative system for any home, business, or educational organization. Versatile programming options make it easy to customize and automate Disklavier performance, providing an exciting attraction for hotels, restaurants and other establishments. Tempo and transition controls, and the handy remote, make the Disklavier an ideal accompanist for soloists, dancers, and other cultural and recreational activities.

Built-in amplified speaker system
Incorporating their own stereo (60W + 60W) audio system with dual two-way speakers, Mark III Series pianos let you enjoy the sound of ensemble playback along with the acoustic piano itself. There's no complex setup; simply select the music you want to hear, press PLAY and sit back to enjoy the show. You can also use your Disklavier sound system to play your audio CDs. And, with the Disklavier's external connections, you can easily tie it into your home audio system, letting you route the sound through remote speakers to bring the concert to other rooms-even outdoors for parties on the patio.

Supported by a vast library of Yamaha PianoSoft™ software, the Disklavier can reproduce live concerts by many of the world's top pianists, complete with the lifelike key and pedal movement.

It's like having world-class artists performing just for you.
It can also deliver high-fidelity vocal and instrumental tracks, so you can enjoy jazz combos, popular groups, chamber ensembles and more.
New teaching technology now even allows you to synchronize playback with your own standard audio CDs or video camera.

Yamaha PianoSoft™ software
The original Disklavier music software, Yamaha PianoSoft offers prerecorded piano concerts by many of the greatest pianists of our times, along with many more performances by top studio pianists. The PianoSoft library includes literally hundreds of titles in genres from classical to jazz, pop and country music, along with special seasonal collections, regional anthologies, children's songs, and compilations made especially for instrumental or vocal accompaniment. Whatever your taste in music, PianoSoft can bring it to you at the touch of a button, with 'live' piano music in the comfort of your own home!

PianoSoft-Plus™ ensemble software
The 'Plus' in Yamaha PianoSoft-Plus software is the addition of digital instrumental ensemble tracks, made possible by the Disklavier's internal XG MIDI tone generator. With these disks, you can enjoy Disklavier acoustic piano performance augmented by the sound of strings, brass, woodwind, percussion and more. Sit back to the beautiful sounds of chamber music, the passion and drive of a jazz quartet, the upbeat tempos of a popular group, or a stirring orchestral arrangement. It's all right there, with the ease of a single diskette. Just slip it into your Disklavier, press PLAY and enjoy your command performance.

PianoSoft-PlusAudio™ ensemble software
The Mark III Series' CD-playing capabilities expand your musical entertainment options even further. PianoSoft-PlusAudio and other audio/MIDI CD software complements Disklavier performance with high-fidelity vocal and instrumental audio track. Experience the sound of your favorite groups-complete with vocalists and instrumental soloists-enhanced by the live-concert presence of Disklavier acoustic piano playback. With a variety of titles already available*, and more in development, your Disklavier can entertain you and your guests better than ever-all with the ease and convenience of conventional audio CDs.

PianoSmart technology opens up a whole new world of entertainment possibilities

A truly revolutionary breakthrough in Disklavier technology, the PianoSmart system opens up a world of additional ways to enjoy your digital/acoustic piano. PianoSmart intelligently synchronizes Disklavier playback with the operation of the built-in CD player.

Attention, current Disklavier Mark III owners:
You too, can enjoy the excitement of PianoSmart technology. Ask your Yamaha dealer about a simple software upgrade diskette.

Enjoy your favorite CDs with 'live' piano!
Even if you don't play the piano, you can still experience the special pleasure of listening to a real piano performance in the privacy of your own home, made possible by the vast selection of Disklavier music software from Yamaha. And now, with the integration of PianoSmart technology into Disklavier Mark III Series pianos, virtually any CD, including your own personal collection, can potentially become Disklavier software. Yamaha's new Smart PianoSoft library will offer professionally arranged piano parts for playback on your Disklavier, perfectly matched with major audio CDs in virtually every music genre – beginning with some of the best-selling albums of all time. Now you can enjoy the music you love with the "you-are-there" excitement of 'live" piano performance!

Offering unparalleled opportunities for musical creativity and enjoyment!

Memory and programming features
Now with extensive internal memory capacity, the Disklavier Mark III pianos allow you to store a vast library of prerecorded songs for quick and easy access, as well as copy music between different recording media. Sixteen internal 'memory disks' let you group selections for specific moods or occasions, combine these groups in any order for continuous chain-play performance, and store up to nine different multi-disk programs for instant recall.

PC, MIDI and AUX connections
Along with an unprecedented range of internal capabilities, Disklavier pianos also provide easy plug-and-play access to a world of external equipment. MIDI IN/Out jacks let you control devices like synthesizers and sequencers from the Disklavier piano keyboard, add the capabilities of other MIDI devices to your Disklavier ensemble, or play the Disklavier's piano and instrumental tones from external equipment.

AUX connections let you amplify the Disklavier's sound via external audio equipment. The AUX In jack also allows you to listen and play along with audio recordings through the Disklavier's own speakers or headphones.

The built-in PC interface lets you connect the Disklavier directly to your personal computer, for virtually unlimited range of additional possibilities. Play the Disklavier from your PC keyboard or applications. Download music files for playback on your Disklavier. Or even transmit Disklavier performances across the Internet.

Comprehensive utility functions
A wide variety of supporting features – including formatting, copying, titling and conversion functions – are built into the Disklavier Mark III series control unit, providing exceptional flexibility, convenience and control. A proprietary Self-Maintenance system provides automatic calibration, keeping your instrument in factory-fresh adjustment for maximum playback sensitivity.

Easy operational control
Despite its technological sophistication, Disklavier operation is simple and intuitive. A large, multi-function LCD panel displays settings, menus and operational guidance. And the majority of functions can be accessed both at the control unit and via remote control.

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