Yamaha DGX630 Piano-focused Portable Digital Keyboard

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Yamaha DGX630 Piano-focused Portable Digital Keyboard

The Yamaha Portable Grand DGX630 is an affordable 88-key weighted graded hammer action Portable Keyboard that boasts an authentic grand piano like touch — heavy in the low end, feathery light in the high, and amazingly responsive all over.

DGX630 Main Features:

Top of the line features weighted action
Lyric, chord and notation display
USB Connectivity
Ease of Operation
Yamaha Education Suite
6-track recorder
Sound Quality
Optional LP-7 3-pedal unit
DSP effects for more realistic sounding Distortion Guitar and Rotary Organ

Step-up features on PSR-S700 (next model up)

Internet Direct Connect (IDC)
MegaVoice Technology
16-track sequencer
Larger Display conveys more information
Organ voices use Modeling Technology
96-note polyphony
6 Effects blocks
650 KB Flash ROM user storage

The DGX630 has an 88-key weighted graded hammer action keyboard with authentic grand piano-like touch — heavier in the low end, lighter in the high, and amazingly responsive! The cabinet has wood accents and an attractive matching stand that puts you and your keyboard at the correct recommended height. Also included is the adapter and sustain pedal. Rounding out the piano focus is a high resolution stereo piano sample. Want more? Add the optional LP-7 pedal unit to upgrade to three pedals and sustain half-pedaling, just like an acoustic. And to make sure you never run out of notes, the DGX630 features 64 notes of polyphony.

Lyric, chord and notation display
Have you ever played a song and wondered what it would look like as sheet music? The DGX630 can display the score to a song whether it comes from the Internet, the internal selections or ones that you record yourself, and the pages scroll automatically when a song is played back – no more page turning! And for singers, the screen also displays chords and lyrics to XF compatible songs. And for those that want to learn to play, notation adds a new dimension to the Yamaha Education Suite, allowing you to hear a song while you follow the notes in the display.

USB connectivity brings music directly to your keyboard
The DGX630 has 2 USB ports on the back, USB TO HOST and USB TO DEVICE.
* USB TO HOST is plug and play simple for recording and playing back MIDI files, as well as transferring data to and from your computer.
* USB TO DEVICE is for connecting optional peripheral USB storage devices like floppy disk drives and thumb drives. When a USB flash memory is inserted in this instrument's USB TO DEVICE terminal, user songs created on the instrument and the registered settings can be saved to or loaded from the memory medium. USB flash memory can also be used to transfer song data downloaded from the Internet to the instrument, where it can be used with the performance assistant technology and the Yamaha Education Suite features mentioned below. Furthermore, user songs saved to USB flash memory in MIDI file format can also be used with these features.

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