Yamaha DK-65 Drum Pads

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Yamaha DK-65 Drum Pads

All Yamaha hardware kit transforms the DD-65 (not included) into a gig-ready portable drum kit

Main Features at a Glance
When combined with the optional DD-65, the DK-65 is a complete kit with everything a drummer needs to go play a gig, other than the PA system. Not an electronic kit, not an acoustic kit but a "Portable Drum Kit." Super fast and easy tear down and set up and takes up less room than the keyboard player! For a demonstration, click here.

All Yamaha hardware includes:

* SS-652 Snare stand
* DS-550 Drum throne
* FP-6110 Kick drum pedal
* HH65 hi hat tower from DTXPRESS Electronic Drum Kit
* KP65 kick tower from DTXPRESS Electronic Drum Kit

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