Yamaha LC2 Plus Music Lab

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha LC2 Plus Music Lab

An Affordable Modular System for Educational Musical Instrument Labs
The LC2 offers music educators an intuitive, flexible way to teach a group of students all at once, one-on-one, or split into smaller groups all without ever leaving their own instrument. The basic LC2 System comes with everything an 8-student lab needs to be added to virtually any electronic instrument with an audio output.

Lab-Based Music Education
The system effectively allows an instructor ubiquitous control over classes expandable to as many as 48 students. Using a system of headphones/mics, it's as if each student is isolated in their own practice room, ideal for private practice or one-on-one instruction with a teacher. But with the touch of a button the practice room walls are instantly removed for group study, teacher-only broadcasts, or "all-together-now" ensemble performances, instructors even have a powerful mute button disabling the students' instruments when it's time to pay attention.

MLM Music Lab Management Software
Taking organization and functionality to the next level, the MLM Software allows for a birds-eye-view control over larger lab configurations. Using a standard Ethernet connection, you computer talks directly to the LC2 instantly recalling your favorite setups of student groups and pairings, as well as volume and mute settings. And because MLM software icons are customizable, you can give each student a name instead of a number. Keep track of student attendance and grades of custom assignments all in this ideal software partner to the LC2 lab hardware.

LC2 Controller: Entire lab hardware and cabling setup for 8 students and 1 teacher
LC2 Expansion: Everything you need to add 8 students to an existing lab
MLM Software: Music Lab Management PC Software. Control large classes and log students' progress (optional)
SB2: Extra or replacement Student Box for LC2
LCHP: Extra or replacement headphone/Mic for LC2