Yamaha LS9-16/32 Digital Mixing Consoles

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha LS9-16/32 Digital Mixing Consoles

LS9-16 Digital Mixing Console
Anywhere You Need Advanced Live Sound Support

The surprisingly small size and lightweight of the LS9-16 make it a perfect choice for applications that require maximum portability and handling ease. Use it for events or temporary live sound setups, and benefit from the power and performance of much larger and more complex systems in an eminently portable package that can be set up and operated anywhere with ease.

LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console
High Input Capacity and a Generous Bus Structure for Serious Live Sound

With 32 input head amps the LS9-32 can comfortably handle the complex and varied source requirements presented by a wide range of live sound applications, but it's always reassuring to know that you can expand it up to 64 channels by just adding external preamps and Mini-YGDAI interface cards for those extra demanding line-ups. Whether used in an installation or on the road, the LS9-32 will deliver the performance and versatility of large-scale systems in dramatically less space, with less hassle, and significantly lower overall cost.

Main Features

* 16 or 32 top-performance recallable head amplifiers deliver microphone and line sources with extraordinary presence and realism.
* An additional 16 or 32 channels of processing power ready to receive audio via the Mini-YGDAI expansion slots, providing a total of 32 or 64 channels!
* 4 stereo input channels.
* An extensive range of channel functions accessible via Yamaha's acclaimed Selected Channel interface.
* Versatile bus architecture with comprehensive digital patching capability: 16 mix buses, 8 matrix buses, and a stereo and mono bus that can be used in LCR mode.
* Virtual GEQ and effect rack offers easy access to built-in graphic equalization and effects that would fill a full-size rack or two if similar analog gear were used.
* Built-in USB Memory Recorder/Player eliminates the need for an external device for simple off-board recording, and can supply background music and sound effects as required.
* Full-console scene Store and Recall.
* Ready to use out of the box with pre-patched effects and pre-fader aux mixes for monitor sends.
* One or two Mini-YGDAI slots for easy system expansion.
* Compact size 480 x 220 x 500 and 884 x 220 x 500 weigh only 12 and 19.4 kg, respectively.

Good Reasons to Go Digital
Digital mixing and processing for live sound has come of age, and there's no turning back. Throughout the audio industry the most demanding sound engineers and audio company professionals are turning to digital mixing as a way of enhancing quality, efficiency and commercial advantage. If you're planning to upgrade a small or medium-scale analog system, there are plenty of great reasons to go digital. The Yamaha LS9-16 and LS9-32 are two very good reasons indeed. They offer the most up-to-date and mature digital mixing capabilities in their class, with an interface that makes operation easy even for the inveterate analog user. They do it in consoles that are remarkably compact and lightweight – even the LS9-32 can be tucked under an arm and moved around quite comfortably. Just try doing that with a 32 channel analog console and the racks of outboard gear that would be required to equal the functionality of these digital mixers. Both LS9-16 and LS9-32 can grow with your needs too; they have a second layer of channel processing power that lets you control up to another 16 or 32 channels of audio inputs from digital sources and/or analog sources with no compromises on features or quality. And then there's the sound. From the acclaimed PM1D digital live sound console right down the line, superlative sound is another reason discerning professionals choose Yamaha Digital Mixing Consoles for critical live sound applications around the globe.

Intuitive Interface for Easy Access and Control
The LS9-16 and LS9-32 make immense digital processing power and control flexibility available via an interface that will quickly become comfortable and convenient for the first-time user. Anyone who has ever used a Yamaha digital console before will feel right at home. Fader levels are directly controlled via precision 100-millimeter motor faders for instant hands-on access. Corresponding illuminated switches are provided for channel on/off switching and cueing, and independent LED level meters let you keep an eye on channel signal levels. Yamaha's acclaimed Selected Channel interface provides efficient access to other channel functions via an ingenious integration of physical controllers and a large color LCD panel. Deeper functions and system settings can be efficiently accessed via the console's "Display Access" keys and programmed via the LCD display and data entry controls. A "Home" key brings you right back to the main operating mode no matter where you are, so you need never be lost in menus.