Yamaha MLA8 MIC Line Amplifier

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha MLA8 MIC Line Amplifier

An eight-channel head amplifier inheriting the head-amp technology of the acclaimed DM2000 for high-quality sound reproduction
Having won the plaudits of professional engineers from live mixing venues, music production studios, and countless other areas, Yamaha's acclaimed DM2000 Digital Production Console provides the head-amp technology used in the MLA8's basic circuit design. Meticulously reproducing the original sound with breathtaking clarity, this head amp achieves stunning audio quality.

Highly practical functions in a compact 1U package
Notwithstanding its space-saving 1U design, the MLA8 front panel equips you with a 26dB pad, a 44dB fully adjustable gain trim, an 80Hz HPF, and a phantom-power switch on each channel. This HPF processes audio signals while still in analog format; accordingly, in systems combining MLA8s with Yamaha digital mixers, DME64Ns, and DME24Ns, sound control is simple and the range can be further broadened. Put simply, MLA8s with digital mixers and DMEs produce the perfect combination.

Consistent functional colors for highly-convenient operation
Functional colors for Yamaha mixers are selected based on a set of common rules. Similarly, the MLA8 uses green for signal indicators and HPFs, red for peak indicators, and gray for pads. In systems where this head amplifier is combined with other Yamaha products, the resulting ability to identify component functions at a glance helps to realize an environment where operations can be carried out quickly, intuitively, and without error.

Euroblock and 25-pin D-sub connectors for highly adaptable system support
XLR connectors are used for the input of audio, and amplified sound is output via a Dsub-25pin and a Euroblock – an ideal connector for installation. Dsub-25pin terminals are compatible with the MY8-AD96 8-channel Mini-YGDAI* A/D card, and this ensures a high degree of affinity with Yamaha digital mixers.