Yamaha MW10/MW12 USB Mixing Studio

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-04
Yamaha MW10/MW12 USB Mixing Studio

Getting the music that's in your head out into the real world doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, with Yamaha's new MW10 and MW12 USB Mixing Studio, making great music is easier than ever before. Combined with the powerful Cubase LE audio/MIDI sequencing software, the MW Mixer provides a comprehensive tabletop studio setup for the solo recording musician and for the travelling producer/arranger.

High-quality multi-track mixing/recording systems don't get any simpler than this. Along with its versatile mixing functions, the MW features a true plug-and-play USB audio interface – giving you a fast, no-nonsense way to get quality audio tracks into your computer. With Cubase LE, it's also an advanced, all-in-one solution that turns any computer into a complete, top-flight recording system.

USB Studio
Connect the MW to a USB terminal on your laptop or desktop computer, and you've got an instant, high-quality audio recording studio in-a-box.

The MW delivers true plug-and-play USB audio input/output interfacing, and lets you easily mix your audio sources down to two-track stereo for recording to computer.

The MW package includes Steinbergs Cubase LE – a cross-platform software that provides a complete audio/MIDI recording solution, along with video playback and music notation capabilities. A low-latency ASIO driver is available for free download at our website, giving you optimum performance and letting you use VST plug-in instruments and effects in real time. Cubase LE has over 40 built-in VST instruments and effects, but you can add more as your needs grow.

Mixer Input Section
The MW10 gives you a total of 10 inputs, including four ultra-low-noise mic preamps. The MW12 has even more – 12 inputs, with six mic pre amps. These high-performance balanced inputs also have a phantom power switch, allowing you to take advantage of the superior sonic quality of professional-level condenser microphones.

These mixers accept just about any source you want to plug into them, with a full variety of input connectors – including balanced XLR, 1/4" phone jacks and RCA pin jacks. Comprehensive sound shaping is also onboard with pan controls, 3-band EQ and 80 Hz high-pass filters (to cut hum and low-frequency noise) on each channel strip.

The MW provides insert patch points – for two channels on the MW10, and four on the MW12 – letting you put external compressors and EQ into the signal path, and process your vocals or guitar as needed.

Mixer Master Section
These versatile mixers are also fully equipped for your external processing and monitoring needs. Two AUX send/return buses let you apply further signal processing on each channel – for example, with your favorite external reverb and delay units, or other effects devices.

In addition to the main stereo outputs, the MW features separate headphone, control room and recording outputs as well, giving you plenty of options for a wide range of monitoring and recording applications. And visual monitoring of the output level is made accurate and easy with the bright 12-segment level meters.

Exclusive Features of the MW12
The MW12 has all the USB studio features found on the MW10, but packs even more mixing power, control and flexibility into its compact package. Foremost are the 12 inputs, including six balanced XLR inputs (for microphones), and four stereo line input channels. The MW provides separate inserts for Channels 1 – 4, letting you route the incoming signals through your favorite processors before mixing and recording.

The MW12 also uses long-throw faders instead of knobs for easy level control. The two AUX Sends each have separate knob controls, and the AUX 1 bus can be configured pre- or post-fader, useful for setting up an independent monitor mix. The MW12 also has Master Send and Return controls for maximum control over the AUX buses.

Separate Group buses 1 and 2 give you further flexibility in creating sub mixes. And a convenient PFL (Pre-Fader Listen) switch lets you monitor an incoming signal (in your headphones, for example) without having to boost the level of the channel.

Cubase LE is a full-featured music production software based on the award-winning Cubase SX and SL programs. It gives you up to 48 simultaneous audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks, plus a variety of VST plug-in software synths and effects, as well as full VSTi compatibility, with support for up to eight VST instruments.

Cubase LE combines powerful audio and MIDI recording features with professional editing and effects, and is compatible with both the Mac and Windows PC platforms. Since Cubase LE projects are completely upward compatible with the professional level Cubase SX and SL, you can still use your LE songs if and when you decide to upgrade.

Cubase LE is the perfect way to enter the world of computer-based recording, giving you all the tools to produce professional level recordings – quickly and easily – while providing a system that you can expand into the future!