Yamaha Modus H11 Digital Piano

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Yamaha Modus H11 Digital Piano

Form and Function
The MODUS H11 digital piano also offers outstanding sound quality and space-saving consciousness with an even more eye-catching modern appeal. Yamaha designers have addressed the needs of luxury homeowners, who put a premium on efficient use of space and enjoy adorning rooms with stimulating accents that make their homes unique and sophisticated.

Moving Keys
Eye-catching, ear-catching instrument. The H11 features impressive player piano-like moving keys. Whatever songs you play back on the instrument, including the 50 Classic & Jazz Preset Songs, songs saved to USB flash memory, or songs from the Internet using the MODUS RADIO streaming service, you can enjoy the performance – listening to it or watching it!

Internet Direct Connection & Modus Radio
With Internet Direct Connection the MODUS H11 functions as a "performance radio" by streaming songs directly through your instrument – while the keys move in sync with the music! ModusRadio users can choose from more than 10 music channels. With IDC and the MODUS H11 you'll always be just a click away from your very own command performance! The LAN port enables easy access for the high-speed internet which is required for this service.

USB Song Playback
Simply connect a USB flash memory device to the instrument, and your favorite songs in MIDI format are ready to be played sequentially or in random order.

Yamaha's unique Tri-Amp System
This proprietary Tri-Amp System improves sound quality by using three separate amplifiers for the high, middle and low frequency ranges. Yamaha audio professionals, with their expertise of Yamaha acoustic equipment in studios and halls, extensively explored the optimal balance of the 3-system amplifier to reproduce the natural tones of the piano.

Natural Wood Keyboard
The Natural Wood Keyboard features real wood white keys and sophisticated technology that faithfully reproduces the experience of playing an actual acoustic grand piano.

The MODUS H11 comes in a variety of gorgeous finishes, including Amber Glow (H11AG), Velvet Rouge (H11VR) and Deep Brunette (H11DB), all accented with polished ebony.

H11 Specifications

Keyboard: Moving Keys
Natural Wood Keyboard* with Synthetic Ivory Keytops: Yes * With real wood white keys
No. of Keys: 88
Tone Generation: 4-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling
Polyphony: Max. 128 notes
Voices For Song playback: Grand Piano 1, 2; Electric Piano 1, 2; Piano & Strings; Church Organ; Jazz Organ; Strings; Harpsichord; Vibraphone
480 XG Voices, 13 Drum/SFX Kits, GM2, GS
Songs: 50 Piano Preset Songs (Classic & Jazz)
Display: 7 segment LED
Pedals: Damper (with half-pedal), Sostenuto, Soft
Jacks and Connectors: PHONES X 2, AUX OUT, USB TO DEVICE, LAN
Other Controls: Dual (Voice), Touch Sensitivity, Transpose, Tuning
Main Amplifiers: (16W x 12W x 12W) x 2
Finishes: H11AG Amber Glow, H11DB Deep Brunette, H11VR Velvet Rouge
Dimension (WxHxD)
With Lid Open: 57-1/2" x 29-3/4" x 30" 58-9/16" x 30-1/8" x 47-1/4"
Weight: 216 lbs., 1 oz.
Included Accessories: Owner's Manual, Quick Operations Guide, Music Rest, Bench

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