Yamaha PC-1N Series Power Amplifier

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-05
Yamaha PC-1N Series Power Amplifier

The New PC-1N Series Power Amplifiers

PC9501N 925W+925W (8Ω STEREO) / 4600W (4Ω BRIDGED)
PC6501N 650W+650W (8Ω STEREO) / 3000W (4Ω BRIDGED)
PC4801N 475W+475W (8Ω STEREO) / 2400W (4Ω BRIDGED)
PC3301N 315W+315W (8Ω STEREO) / 1600W (4Ω BRIDGED)
PC2001N 200W+200W (8Ω STEREO) / 1000W (4Ω BRIDGED)

Upgrade from PC-N series to PC-1N series

# Line up Expansion from 2 Models to 5 Models
- Current PC-N Series: PC9500N, PC4800N
- New PC-1N Series: PC9501N, PC6501N, PC4801N, PC3301N, PC2001N

# Even higher sound definition with reputed balance and response
- Upgrade of resistor parts and mechanical structure
- Enlarged condenser capacity of the switching power supply for more resistance to the power source deterioration.

# High Pass Filter frequency point has been changed from 40Hz to 20 Hz (12dB /

# PC-1N amplifiers are now made in Japan, meeting EUs RoHS Directive
(Restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.)

PC-1N Series Key Features

# Excellent linear power with low distortion
# New generation EEEngine technology delivers extraordinary power efficiency
# Reliable rugged design with 2U size and ultra light weight (less than 13kg)
# Dual heat sinks and dual variable-speed fans for constant operation
# Networking capability available with ACU16-C and NHB32-C via Cobranet™
# Input/output connectivity via XLR, Euro-Block, and Speakon™ connectors
# 31-step detented level controls for precision calibration
# 10-point LED meters for precision monitoring
# Security cover to prevent tampering
# PC3301N can be driven with 100V line as high-impedance distribution amplifier.

High power and exceptional clarity – New standard of professional power amplifiers

With excellent linear power characteristics and refined hardware designs, these amplifiers deliver the quality, performance, reliability, and sound demanded by todays professionals.

Their specs tell you a lot but your ears will tell you more. Extensive testing and feed back on the physical design results in a more musical sound through greater audio depth and detail.

Taking advantage of our extensive know-how in the field of sound reinforcement, Yamaha designed, engineered and constructed this series carefully evaluating each aspect of the whole process to ensure the best possible performance and sound.

The PC-1N amplifiers feature an exceptionally stable power supply, and provide thorough cancellation of physical vibrations with specially designed mounting for clear, accurate sound.

The high power and high damping factor results in a remarkably tight and crisp sound – full and rich, as well as detailed and accurate.