Yamaha PSR5700 Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

YAMAHA Updated: 2007-10-03
Yamaha PSR5700 Arranger Workstation Digital Keyboard

Interactive Accompaniment
This is as close as it comes to the real thing- live backup musicians following your every lead. This unique feature delivers amazingly fluid sound, never overpowering your melodies and continuously adjusting to match your playing style.

Super Style Play
Setup has never been so easy. Simply choose one of the 36 accompaniment styles and the keyboard automatically assigns voices for each hand and each of the two verse and chorus variations, along with relative volumes, reverb, effects, depth settings and other performance criteria.

Multi-Function Pads
Eight pads are set right above the keyboard. And not just for percussion. They also let you call up complete phrases at a single touch or activate specified chord sequences, with or without accompaniment, leaving both hands free to play. Plus, you can use them to count in the accompaniment rhythm.

8-track sequencer with 6 song banks

Auto Bass Chord with 3 different modes

4-type, 16-variation auto harmony

92-voice fingertip percussion

16 panel registration memories

Pitch bend/glissando and modulation/effect wheels

Adjustable tuning, panning and transposition